337 – Best Soul Talks: Emotional Healing for a Trauma Trigger

This Week on Soul Talks

We all have “implicit memories” of childhood distress that need divine compassion.  The Lord is near to bring his consolation and healing to us. Thankfully, a deep hurt offered to the Lord can become a “sacred wound” that heals others.

Join us for the Best of Soul Talks series, where Soul Shepherding Director of Operations and Programs, Sr. Spiritual Director, and Coach Jessica Stong shares the Soul Talk that had a profound influence on her —  Episode 73, Emotional Healing for a Trauma Trigger

In this episode, Kristi shares her “trauma trigger” and how the Lord ministered his shining face of love on her through empathy and words of blessing.  You will be inspired to have the courage to offer your own hurts and traumatic memories to the Lord and soul friends, and receive his empathy and healing. 

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