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This season is creating limitations and distress. You may be feeling stuck or constricted while you remain at home and learn to minister in a new context. What’s also real is that we live in the kingdom of God, which is spacious–and open to you! Prayer creates an opportunity for us to enjoy that space, coming like a child to God, and experiencing him in fresh ways. Be inspired and encouraged to experiment with God through prayer in this heartfelt episode.

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2 responses to “219 – Prayer: Enjoying a Spacious Place

  • Thank you for sharing your hearts with us each week. The Podcast and Blog on Grieving in this time of COVID 19 was especially enlightening. I shared with our church leadership, soul friends and family. Your insight and knowledge of the scriptures married with your counseling background shed light into our lives. And yes, breath prayers are one of my favorite practices.

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