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This week, Bill and Kristi partner with the Doable Discipleship Podcast from Saddleback Church for a conversation on Sabbath. Sabbath takes practice! We can be tempted to abandon it, but it is an important practice to rest in God’s power. And it can be learned over time. Bill and Kristi offer tangible, helpful tools for joining Christ in his unhurried rhythms.

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3 responses to “205 – Jesus’ Easy Way to Do Hard Things: Part 3

  • What a pure grace came shning, dancing into my life the day I found Soul-Shepherding/S.S. found me. The Lord has sneaky ways of creeping up on us when he knows our friendship perhaps needs a little freshening. I’m an 85-yr old ‘Practising’ (aren’t we all ‘practising’) Catholic Christian, I meditate every day, lead Service of the Word in my Church. And have found great joy sharing the insights of S.S. with my brother and sisters in my worshipping community and wider life., particularly with the Alpha Hroup and those accompanying our young people going forward to Confirmation.
    Your Spirit is full of love. I listened to the Pidcast today after coming home from Mass – it so confirmed for me, opened up anew, the real meaning of Sabbath, and Statio, and I LOVED following Jesus’ ‘Stops’ as well as his ‘Steps’. Beautiful.
    You have a grateful Apprentice here in London UK on the banks of the River Thames,praying with you, blessing you, thanking Jesus for you, dear Soul Shepherds. May he continue to Bless your loving hearts, your generous hearts, your Leaders. And your grand daughter!
    I send you love from this grateful, ‘Apprentice’ heart, always learning.
    Teresa xx

    • Hello Teresa, We are so happy to hear Soul Shepherding is blessing you all the way over in London! God is so good. We pray God’s blessing on your worship community.

  • Your teaching of the enneagram and ways to incorporate that with jesus’s teachings are so wonderful. Thank you both for your faithfulness.

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