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To become our best personality, we need to become aware of our stress points and reactions.  Join Bill and Kristi as they continue exploring the Enneagram and how spiritual disciplines can help us reconnect to God and tune in to the Spirit.


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One response to “162 – E-Soul: Step Out of Stress (All 9 Types)

  • Dearly loved Kristi and Bill, Listenng to “Stepping out of Stress” podcost just now I really enjoyed growing in self awareness and leaning into the easy yoke of Jesus. During each ennegram podcast I am learning new insights and understanding for my seven type and also eight wing, line to the healthy five and the unhealthy one. I like the suggestion to practice the Examen, which is easy for me to do and “fun” so I am motivated. I appreciate your comment Kristi to practice trusting. Bill, I am excited you will be teaching with Shepherd Grove the next two Sundays. I bless the gift you are to the Body of Christ and larger audience on television who will get to know your huge gifts for all of us. papa Joe Johnson, Heart of the Father Ministries

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