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Jesus comes to us with sensitivity to our feelings but he also comes to us with truth.  We want to give people grace, empathy, and safety when they have doubt but we don’t want them stuck in doubt.  Jesus comes to us with truth.  In this episode, Kristi shares her past crises with doubt.  Join the conversation, as Bill and Kristi share authentically and model what it looks to give grace and feedback to one another as soul friends.  

3 responses to “147 – Come: Jesus Speaks Truth to You

  • I have missed listening to a couple of weeks worth of podcasts. But re-connected with this one. Thanks for sharing on the topic of doubt and looking at this from a place of grace and truth. I am so glad that it is both, not one or the other when it comes to Jesus Christ. I am glad for the truth there is in Christ (though I admit I am sometimes slower than other times to receive it!)
    In case I am not on another podcast in the run up to Christmas, thank you for both this podcast and others that you have shared through the year. It is hugely appreciated. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

  • Dear friends,
    Love your podcast. I am trying to benefit from your ministry. I love Dallas Willard. I need the emphasis you have of focusing on Christ and hearing his voice.

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