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Sadness is an emotion many of us struggle to get in touch with. It can be difficult to open up our hearts to feel the deeper hurts and be honest about our needs.  Bill and Kristi share their process with sadness and the healing pathway that helped them to experience restoration, growth, and reconnection with the God of grace and comfort. 

2 responses to “136 – Emotions: Befriending Our Sadness

  • Thank you Bill and Kristi for your talk on befriending your sadness. I could identify with a lot of what you were saying about how Christians can find it hard to get in touch with how they are really feeling. Kristi, thanks for sharing your frustrations with feeling out of sync with yourself. I also have a new grandchild and feeling sad that I can’t see more of her because of my scheduled commitments, so hearing you talk about it has helped me process what’s going on for me. Thank you and God bless you. From Auckland New Zealand. We would love you to visit us some time.

  • Feeling sadness with Jesus, naming the losses, what you miss–is helpful for me to identify my limitations and other losses with aging that are a big loss for me, I am gratefiul Jesus is always tender towards my weaknesses, and you Kristi have a heart value and huge gift of tenderness with those who share weaknesses.

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