Internet Addiction Test

We offer a free Internet Addiction Test to help you see if you (or a loved one) might have an Internet addiction and need help breaking free.

I developed the acronym “A-N  A-D-D-I-C-T” as a simple screening tool to identify compulsive behavior problems. Here it’s applied to Internet use, which refers to whatever you do online including things which are not bad in themselves like social media, doing work, gaming, entertainment, web surfing, shopping, getting news, auctioning, stock trading, etc. Of course, other things available online, like pornography and gambling, can be addictions in themselves.

Internet Addiction Test

Keep track of your “yes” answers, circling any of the eight symptoms that have one or more yes answers.

1.  A lone: Is it easier for you to chat with people online than to talk with people in person?  Do you spend more than three hours a day alone using the Internet for non-work activity?

2.  N on-premeditated use: Do you find yourself using the Internet more than you intended?  Do family, friends, or your own conscience tell you that you’re spending too much time online or doing things online that you shouldn’t?

3.  A mnesia: When online do you lose track of time?  When using the Internet do you sometimes forget appointments or neglect commitments?

4.  D istracted: When not on the Internet are you distracted with thoughts or fantasies about going online?  Has your performance at school or work declined because of Internet use?

5.  D ependency: Have you tried unsuccessfully to cut back your time or activity online?  Do you feel empty, depressed, or irritable if you haven’t been online in awhile?

6.  I ncreased tolerance: Have you been spending increasingly more personal time online?  Do you need more and more time for Internet activity in order to feel good?

7.  C onceal supply: Do you hide or lie about what you’re doing on the Internet?  Do you conceal how much time you’re spending online?

8.  T ranquilizer: Do you feel excitement or relief when you’re online?  Do you use the Internet because you’re bored, lonely, depressed, anxious, angry, or upset at someone?

Scoring: If you have any yes answers then you may have a problem. If you have yes answers in four or more of the eight symptoms then you probably have an addiction and need help. For diagnosis and treatment meet in person with a psychotherapist.


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