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Bill Gaultiere (psychologist and co-founder of Soul Shepherding), Ken Baugh (former lead pastor of Coast Hills Church), and Matt Kearn (Co-chair of the Coast Hills Elder Board) share the story of their church reconciliation process.

We hear about conflicts between pastors and elders that go unresolved. Usually the pastor leaves the church and the people are left hurt and confused and don’t know how to talk about it.

Here’s an example of a pastor and elders who dealt with their conflict by seeking Christ together in prayer and conversation. They apologized, empathized, and sought to bless their church community.


8 responses to “Reconciling a Pastor and Elder Board

  • I have known Ken Baugh and his preaching for 17yrs when I attended Frontline at McLean Bible Church in VA. Is there a way of getting a copy or link to the Reconciliation Sermon at Coast Hills?

  • Bill,

    Thanks for the video, quite good. Also thanks for the ministry in an area of great need. My dad has been doing a similar ministry for 20+ years with a good friend. Their target is mostly pastors of small churches in rural communities in the US and Canada.

    Practically anyone involved in full-time pastoral ministry has traveled this hard road, far too few have this great story to tell! That was my experience, but God’s grace was always there! I appreciate not only the way you work with the pastors, but also the way you seek to be a part of the restoration process!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Bill, thank you so much for leading the openness of this story. Being in ministry for 24 years, i have seen my share of these moments with myself and church leadership, some at my hand and some at others… My heart longs for healing and restoration and reconciliation for so many pastors who have left the ministry, who are still in ministry hiding the pain, and for myself and my wife. Thank you for all you do!

  • WOW!!! This is a fabulous video. It is such an honor to be invited into something so difficult, and yet, so familiar. What a gift to have each other, so willing to go through the process together. The process IS brutal. Thank you for offering yourselves to us. For modeling how it’s supposed to work.

    I’d follow these two anywhere.

  • Bill,

    I graduated from a well known seminary with a master’s in counsing. I had the exact experience as you did in my program. I stuck it out and graduated. I was told in my final review that I should not be a counselor, but I am. For 17 years now. Funny…I am also a licensed supervisor and help my supervisees by supporting and guiding them as they work with their clients. I also have a heart that I likly would’ t have for the abused and the powerless. Part of the church’s abuse happened at the same time when I was the wife of an elder who was leading a double life. He is now serving a 17 year sentence. No one ever apologized to me. For their sake I think they would benefit. It would be good to hear it, but my life does not depend on their words. I have grown to trust Christ more than I likey would have had my life been the life I thought I wanted back then. My practice now is focused on families that have experienced trauma. I help them walk through it to healing.

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