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Don’t Let Your Shadow Defeat You

In the light of God’s presence, you can see your shadow self. But most people hide their shadow and so it brings them pain and problems. Jesus’ best friend John had a problem with his shadow. He was usually friendly, considerate, and supportive of others — probably a Helper 2 on the Enneagram — but…

Immanuel Journaling

“I’m fine,” we say. Men especially do this to be “strong” — much to the disappointment of family and friends (especially women!) who want more connection. Burying emotions is actually a weakness that disrupts life and ministry. Bill Gaultiere and John Loppnow, fellow pastors and counselors, share how they connect with their emotions and with God. John introduces “Immanuel Journaling” as a tool for self-awareness and prayer.

Psychotherapy was a Gift of God’s Grace to Me

As a new parent, young ministry leader, and recently licensed Psychologist I was doing my best to serve Christ but I was struggling with anxiety and depression. God led me to move from the psychotherapist’s chair to the client’s couch. I sought help in my own psychotherapy. Ministry Leaders Need to be Led Being in…