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When It’s Good to Fail

This is our second episode! There’s nothing like it in the Top 100. Each week we have a 20-minute unscripted conversation to cultivate your intimacy with Jesus in life, love, and leadership.

This conversation on “When It’s Good to Fail” starts at our kitchen table. It’s about our fear of launching this Podcast and failing! We draw out each others feelings and offer empathy. Then I (Bill) make a comment that surprises both of us: “Failure can be good!”

It’s a risk to venture out on a dream with faith in the Lord. If we do fall down it can be a surprising opportunity to grow in grace of Christ and minister this to others (2 Peter 3:18). We also discuss the “sacred wound” and how pastors are viewed like used car salesman in our culture today, but really they are true heroes.

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