339 – Best Soul Talks: When You’re Stuck in Your Head

This Week on Soul Talks

Many of us have been taught that if we can only change our thinking, we’ll change our lives. Yet, this often leaves us with a disconnection between our head knowledge and our emotions. Jesus invites us to spiritual authenticity through experiencing both our emotions and our thoughts resulting in lasting life-change.

Join us for this episode of our Best of Soul Talks series, where Sr. Spiritual Director and Ministry Relations Advisor Amy Dalke shares the Soul Talk that showed her the power of integrating emotions and thoughts: Episode 79 —When You’re Stuck in Your Head. Like some ministry leaders today, Nicodemus was stuck in his head and emotionally reluctant. As you listen, you’ll be blessed by this insightful look at John 3:1-17, and the way that Jesus engages the heart of Nicodemus and engages your heart as well.

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