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Certificate in Spiritual Direction Program Testimonials

Such a life-changing and launching journey. I feel like I was finally known and seen. I've learned to be a deeper and more effective communicator on a soul and spiritual level. I learned a new way, an adventurous way, an empathetic way to receive love from Jesus. So beyond thankful to meet and belong to a wonderful community. Spiritual Direction has changed my life completely. I feel like I can actually walk in this 'obscure' gifting now that it is no longer so obscure.

Being a part of Soul Shepherding and our cohort has been life-changing for me. The practice of empathy has been a beautiful journey and I hope to continue to grow daily in how to offer and receive empathy. Our supervision group was such a deepening and safe place! The institutes, the one-on-one, have all shaped me and I look forward to more years of connecting and growing and offering Spiritual Direction to others.

This journey has been so amazing. My life has been changed in the best way. I had an empty place in my life and ministry until now.

These two years have transformed my relationship with Jesus and all my relationships (in and out of ministry) as a result! I’m so thankful and look forward to continuing to grow and thrive with Jesus.

We wish every pastor and ministry leader could benefit from Bill and Kristi's ministry!

After only one year in the program, my life has changed dramatically. I've experienced healing from a long season of church hurt and am experiencing the joys of a life yoked with Jesus. I've made soul friendships in the program that I know will last into eternity. And I am being equipped for my calling in Christ to help others in their journeys!

I have never felt so listened to and cared for as when I talked with Dave on the Soul Shepherding staff. Meeting with him for Spiritual Direction changed my insides. It changed how I operate and function as a pastor. Now, after going through the Institute and certificate program, I get to serve as a Spiritual Director for others!

Soul Shepherding is so powerful [and shows us] this other side of developing the leadership of our heart and our soul… That’s the part that I’ve been missing. That’s the part that makes leadership flourish.

Soul Shepherding