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351 – Earth Filled with Heaven (A Conversation with Aaron Damiani)

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We may wonder how we find God when our emotions, thoughts, and service are running dry. A season of hitting the Wall might feel like failure, but can actually be God’s means of grace in our lives. We find rest in Jesus’ easy yoke — through practices and sacraments that invite us into renewal with Jesus and his people.

Join us for this episode of Soul Talks where Kristi talks with Aaron Damiani, lead pastor of Immanuel Anglican Church in downtown Chicago, and author of Earth Filled With Heaven: Finding Life in Liturgy, Sacraments, and Other Ancient Practices of the Church. Hearing their discussion of his story and the 3 questions of spiritual formation will help you catch a vision for these ancient church practices that are essential supplies for Jesus’ life-and-death Kingdom rescue mission.

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