341 – Best Soul Talks: Is Faith Real If You Don’t Feel It?

This Week on Soul Talks

All of us have likely experienced times in our lives when we may not be feeling God’s love and presence as deeply, and it may lead us to ask, “Is my faith real if I don’t feel it?” In these times of doubt, the Lord offers us an invitation for emotional honesty – to bring those feelings to him.

Join us for Best Soul Talks this week as Sheridan McDaniel shares his favorite episode. Sheridan is Lead Pastor at A Place for Worship Church in Fullerton, CA, and Sr. Spiritual Director and Pastor Relations Advisor for Soul Shepherding.

In this Soul Talk, Bill and Kristi explore why it is biblical and healthy to experience these seasons at “The Wall.” You’ll be encouraged to learn why both thinking and feeling are critical in your journey with Christ, and what you can do when you feel they are lacking!

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