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Denying our emotions leaves us functioning inauthentically and can ultimately lead to burnout. Serving God with wholeness and health includes paying attention to our emotions. In this episode, hear from Bill and Kristi and the stories of others of how discovering deeper emotions allows God to heal and be energized for ministry. 

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3 responses to “209 – Re-Soul: 4 Ways Emotions Help You Excel

  • Through the Soul Care Ministry at the Institute I experienced compassionate listening and validation for what I was feeling in my brokenness after going through some painful trials in ministry and personal family challenges. After sharing some of my deepest hurts and being totally vulnerable with the ladies at the Soul Shepherding Retreat, I experienced the re-souling work of healing, hope, and forgiveness. I am feeling God’s loving presence more fully and a renewed passion to offer prayer, empathy, and encouragement to others.

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