Like a Flower in the Father’s Field

Life is precious and brief. How can we “redeem the time” before our days on earth slip away? (Ephesians 5:16).

The ancient devotional masters were helped to live each day for Christ by meditating on their dead body being put into a tomb. Probably you haven’t done that before! Most of us today try not to think about our death!

Considering our death is an important practice of the discipline of submission or abandoning outcomes to God. To let go of our life in this world to our Creator is the ultimate act of submission.

But actually this is a Biblical practice. Long before the monks and spiritual writers of the past, the Psalmist was praying about the brevity of life in order to live each day for God. This has been very helpful for me to let go and submit my whole life to God and thereby to relax, enjoy the moment, and live my life in and for Christ.

In Psalm 103:15-17 David contemplates his death in a most inspiring way. After quietly meditating on this Psalm and these verses especially God gave me a Trinitarian prayer poem that paraphrases these verses. I pray that it helps you, as it has helped me, to appreciate right now the gift of God’s abundant life in Christ. If so then pass it on!

Like a Flower in the Father’s Field

As for me, my days are like grass,

I flourish like a flower in the Father’s field,

Given life and color by the Son;

The Spirit blows over me and I am gone to heaven,

And my place remembers me no more.

But from everlasting to everlasting

The Lord’s love is with me, as I revere him,

And his righteousness is with my children’s children.

God’s Wildflower is another prayer poem I wrote. I was feeling insignificant at the time and God led me to meditate on a field of wildflowers and these verses in Psalm 103. Be a Wildflower for God tells more of the story of how God helped me to hold my head high. These are favorite Soul Shepherding articles for many people!


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