Come Close to Christ

“[The Lord] raised up for his people [the Christ], the praise of… the people close to his heart” (Psalm 148:14).

“People close to his heart.” I am close to the Lord’s heart! You are close to the Lord’s heart! Doesn’t this make your heart skip with joy? If you join me in this meditation and prayer it will!

Remember John at the Last Supper? He reclined on Jesus’ chest and later he told the whole world again and again: “I am the disciple Jesus loves!” (John 13:23, 26; 20:2; 21:7; 21:20).

What a blessing it is when I’m meditating on Scripture and the Holy Spirit brings the Word to life in my heart like this! Words I’ve read many times before suddenly blossom into vibrant, new life. What a surprise! What a joy! It’s as if I’ve never read the words before, though I’ve read them many times.

Oh, to be captivated by Christ all the time! Oh, to be continually drawn into the glorious realm of his kingdom of the heavens!

Linger with my little prayer poem, “Come Close to Christ.” Imagine yourself with Jesus as John was you too will start skipping and rejoicing with John: “I am the disciple Jesus loves!”

Come Close to Christ
Come to Christ
Supper with the Savior
See his smile
Lean on the Lord
Hear his heartbeat
Delight to be his disciple

What a wonderful scene this is! What a prayer! Connecting with Christ is the source of our love, joy, and peace. It’s the ultimate foundation for our identity and all that we do. It’s the power for us to serve him faithfully and with endurance,

Today, as often as you can remember try reminding yourself, “I am close to the Lord’s heart… I am the disciple Jesus loves…” This is a way of practicing Abiding Prayer.

Who do you know who needs to “Come Close to Christ”? Offer a prayer for him or her. “_______ is close to the Lord’s heart… _______ is the disciple Jesus loves…”

It’d be good to send your friend a word of encouragement right now!

You can read more prayers from My Psalms Prayer Book.

In Soul Shepherding we help pastors, pastor’s wives, missionaries, and other ministry leaders to come close to Christ. Abiding in Christ is what enables them to bear fruit for him. Read what pastors say about this.


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