Come Away to Rest

Jesus invites you, “Come with me… to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31). Most of us know the Lord wants to bless us but we struggle to make space.

I (Bill) would like to share with you from my personal journal about a day I was too busy and too stressed and wrestled with God in prayer. It illustrates what Kristi and I have learned about making soul space for connecting with Jesus and his Abba.

In this journal entry, I use a fresh approach to an ancient Christian method of Scripture meditation called Lectio Divina. We show you how to do this in our newly updated “Lectio Divina Guides” resource. Similarly, we just created “Breath Prayer Guides” and updated our “Ignatian Meditation Guides.”

We use these three methods for praying Scripture in our Soul Shepherding Institute. Each resource is filled with simple, engaging, and beautiful one-page handouts that are great for your personal devotions or sharing with others in a small group.


In Mark 6:30-44 Jesus invites his disciples to go away with him by boat for a retreat but when they land on the other side of the lake thousands of people interrupt them. Then Jesus multiplies a few fishes and loaves to feed everyone!

Meditate on a Word or Phrase

“Come away with me.”

Pray with Emotion

Lord Jesus, you call me to come away with you and to rest. But often I don’t listen; I busy myself with many things; I focus first on what I think I need to accomplish rather than responding to what you are doing. Even this morning I had to run into my prayer room! I had to force myself to close the door on all the other things on my “To-Do List.”

Nothing satisfies me like drawing closer to you, my Lord! You alone give me the soul rest that I long for. I’m sorry I get distracted.

Yet even when I make space, crowds of hungry people rush at you. What a surprise when you say, “Give them something to eat.” Like the disciples, sometimes I get tired of ministry and feel pressured by others’ needs.

Thank you, Jesus, that you are patient and compassionate. You always have something good to give to me and whoever comes to you.

For all of us, deep in our hearts what we long for most of all is just to be with you, to love you and be loved by you, and to share your love with others.

Rest in God’s Invitation

Just as I met with the Father for the love and power I need so it is with you. When you come to me I provide heavenly manna in abundance. I give you the warmth of my love, refreshment and new strength, perspective on your life, many insights, and so much more. I give you more than you need so that there are leftovers for others.

Share my abundance with the hungry people around you. Remember, it’s not just bread people are hungry for—it’s God. Show people how to come to me for rest and open their heart.

Out of your solitude with me, you too can feed thousands!

Opportunities for You to Rest in God

You’ll love our new Scripture meditation resources! “Lectio Divina Guides,” “Breath Prayer Guides,” and “Ignatian Meditation Guides” feature easy to print one-page handouts on favorite Bible passages that foster spiritual formation and soul care.



Listen to SoulTalk episode, Listen: Feel Your Emotions in the Word

In this episode, Bill and Kristi share how using Lectio Divina with Mark chapter 1, brought the encouragement and intimacy with Jesus they were longing for.


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