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The Sons of Korah may have written Psalm 42 by these waterfalls

Waves of Love

Psalm 42 is a psalm of lament and longing for God. We pray it and feel God's waves of love, like a waterfall, wash over us, in us, and through us. It's the Spirit of Jesus.
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Waiting for Holy Fire

“The Morning Psalm” of the Psalter has helped me to start my day in stillness, prayer and intercession many times.  One morning, I stayed in…
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Thoughts as Incense

Distracting thoughts are great enemies of prayer.  They can be like buzzing bees that drive us crazy! Today I enjoyed Sabbath time with Jesus. With…
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Run with Jesus

It was fun for me last year to win a medal for finishing the “Surf City” marathon in Huntington Beach, CA and to do this…
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Make a Heart for Jesus!

A Love Note to Jesus

First thing every morning, as part of offering The Apprentice Prayer, I say, “I love you Jesus!” It’s a simple prayer, but said with a…
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