I find it a great blessing to spend time at the ocean, a lake, or a river. Immersed in God’ beauty I relax. Surrounded by the sounds of flowing water it’s easier for me to hear God’s voice.

I imagine you’ve experienced this. And if you bond with God at a body of water then your soul can become like a seashell that carries the ocean’s echoes even when you’ve left the beach and gone back home.

Yesterday on my Sabbath I spent some sweet hours of seashell prayer inspired by Psalm 93. Wave after wave of God’s love flowed over me. I shared my heart with the Lord and as I listened to him I experienced his peace and joy. And I prayed for you.

Psalm 93, particularly verses three and four, became a delightful prayer poem. I’d like to share it with you. Each line is seven syllables, reflecting my prayer that we’d be perfected in God’s grace. It’s a prayer that is best appreciated by being at the ocean or imagining yourself there.

Waves of Prayer

Lord of the Seas speak… to me.

Flow heavens flow… over me.

Wash words of God wash… in me.

Lord of the Seas speak… through me.

To help you use your body to engage your mind and heart with God you might try “Waves of Prayer” as a Breath Prayer. Breathe in as you think or whisper: “Lord of the Seas speak…” Then breathe out, “to me.”

It’s easy to offer this prayer for a group of people, family member, friend, or someone who doesn’t know Christ. In each line you can substitute “us” or the person’s name for “me.”

May the waves of God’s love become waves of your prayers. May your soul be as a seashell that continually echoes with the sounds of God’s words.

O Lord Jesus Reign Over Me” is another prayer inspired by Psalm 93.

“Waves of Prayer” is a little taste of one of the ways that we offer Soul Shepherding to pastors, leaders, and other Christ-followers. We are so grateful that God has provided ministry partners to help us provide therapy, spiritual mentoring, Soul Shepherding Groups, and teaching to the pastors who care for hundreds of others. Perhaps you’d like to partner with us in prayer or by donating?

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