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We Belong in the Trinitarian Family!

We all feel left out at times. We may feel unwanted and alone. Maybe there’s conflict in our family or our friends are busy. What to do?

At times like this it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself. Or to complain. Or to distract yourself by getting busy. I’ve done these things. But it’s so much better for my soul when I pick up my Psalms prayerbook.

One time when I did this my spirits were revived by the Psalmist giving thanks for his spiritual father who helped him to know that he was chosen and treasured by the Lord.

It warms my heart to remember my spiritual father, Ray Ortlund Sr. Over a number of years my thirsty soul lapped up Ray’s enthusiasm for Christ every chance I could get: during conversations over long lunches, in his discipleship group, during spiritual retreats, and on our knees together in prayer.

Ray helped me to “Be all and only for Jesus!” And this helped me to know that it was really true that I belonged in the Trinitarian family! What joy is ours when we know by experience that each member of the Trinity has taken initiative to love us personally!

The Trinity’s Treasure

The Father treasures me as his child.

Christ chooses me as his disciple.

The Holy Spirit lives in me as his temple.

(Inspired by Psalm 135:4. See  “The Lord Treasures You.”)

Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

To Ray Ortlund Sr. I devote my little Trinitarian prayer of thanks, “The Trinity’s Treasure.” Ray was a wonderful spiritual father to me who brought the joy belonging in the Trinitarian family. That’s why I like to offer prayers like this with a smile!

What spiritual father or mother has connected you to Christ? Who has helped you to know that you are precious to God? We all need at least one Christ’s Ambassador (2 Corinthians 5:20) to help us grow in our experience of the Trinitarian family.

(In “Be Devoted to Christ like Ray Ortlund Sr.” your soul can be shepherded by Christ through Ray as mine has been.)

I encourage you to pray the Father, Son, and Spirit. What a blessing it is to grow in our relationship with the Three-in-One! What an honor it is that we belong in the Trinitarian family! “O Trinity” is another of my favorite Trinitarian prayers that I’ve written.

In the ministry of Soul Shepherding we invite pastors and other ministry leaders into the Trinitarian family. When a pastor has a safe place for soul care and intimacy with Jesus it empowers his or her ministry. 

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