Burned Out and Beaten Up Pastors

Dave Rimoldi’s Story

“I felt so burned out before our meetings,” a pastor recalled to Dave. “The hectic pace of church ministry had drained me dry. I was day dreaming about becoming a barista at Starbucks!”

“Now I’m excited to preach again and to serve the people in my church. I’ve learned a new pace of life.”

One study found that 80% of pastors do not last ten years in professional ministry. The number one reason they leave is burnout. (See “Pastor Stress Statistics.”)

We might have lost this pastor too, but God had called Dave Rimoldi, my friend and a fellow pastor, to “love his neighbor pastor” in Long Beach, CA. He guided him on a long overdue Sabbatical to stop working and rest, receive empathy for his stress overload and emotional hurts, play with his wife and children, and practice new rhythms of grace for learning to live and minister in Jesus’ easy yoke.

Dave Also Needed an Oasis for His Soul

One and a half years ago Dave himself was a beaten up and burned out pastor! His church had been hemorrhaging from a growing decline in attendance, budget cuts and pay freezes, mistrust between the congregation and staff, and divisiveness in the church and on the staff.

“The joy of ministry has dried up,” Dave told me at the time. “I’m worrying all the time and I’m weary from this heavy emotional weight. The church where my children came to faith and were baptized is fracturing and many of our friends have left the church. I feel so alone.

“I can’t take it any more! I’m questioning my call as a pastor and thinking about going back into the corporate world.”

But Dave has eleven years of service as a pastor! He has a Masters degree in apologetics and an M.Div. degree in spiritual formation. He’s an experienced spiritual director and adjunct faculty for Talbot Seminary’s Institute of Spiritual Formation.

Thankfully God had connected Dave and I (Bill) a few years before his crisis. It all started when I invited him to coffee. Then he joined one of my Soul Shepherding groups for pastors. Also he began meeting privately with me for pastoral care and counsel and I led him on two intensive retreats.

“I found a safe place to share my burdens,” Dave explained. “I wept when all the pastors in our group circled around me and offered the most tender and caring prayers I’ve ever received. I couldn’t have gotten back on my feet as a pastor without that support.”

Renewed Vision and Confidence

Today Dave has started his own ministry of caring for other pastors in the way that I cared for him. He is our newest “Soul Shepherding Associate”, serving in the greater Los Angeles area. He’s learned our “Love your neighbor pastor” model of ministry and uses our tool box of resources to help dozens of pastors, offering them spiritual direction, soul care, teaching, and retreats.

Dave Rimoldi

Dave Rimoldi, Soul Shepherding Associate

Watch Dave Rimoldi’s Videos

Let’s Awaken to God in Fresh Ways” (3 min)

Love Your Neighbor Pastor” (1 min)


You can support Dave Rimoldi’s ministry through his fiscal sponsor, Light and Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA. (Use Paypal or credit card and indicate “Soul Shepherding” in the memo field.)

Connect With Dave

Contact Dave to talk with him or schedule an appointment.

Sabbatical Rest

For help planning and getting the most out of your sabbatical, check out our Sabbatical Guide. It is our hope at Soul Shepherding that through our resources you would find encouragement and tools to help you receive fully, all that God has for you.

We also offer an online Sabbatical Guide course. This program has everything you need to experience rest and renewal on your Sabbatical.


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