Be Quiet to Welcome Christmas

Christmastime can be so noisy and busy!  Perhaps God is inviting you to make time for quiet prayer?

Zechariah (John the Baptist’s father) waited in silence ten months for the first Christmas!  We might do well to pray in quiet for ten minutes!  Or an hour or two.

Be still to anticipate Christ’s coming and like Zechariah you too will burst forth with joyous Christmas praise!  Set aside some time alone with God and quietly pray to prepare your heart to experience Christ’s birth anew this Christmas.

Pray from the Heart

To help you to quiet your heart try an abiding prayer with Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.”  Slowly and gently repeat God’s Word to yourself…

You can try praying the word of God to the Psalmist as a Breath Prayer. One way to do this is breathe in as you receive God’s peace: “Be still and know…” And then breathe out  your prayer of submission to the Lord who says: “I am God.”

Then you could “abide in prayer” for someone else, interceding that they’d trust God to slow down and appreciate the spirit of Christmas. “Dear Lord, may _______ be still and know… that you are God.”

A Silent Night to Prepare for Christmas” is my devotional inspired by the story of Zechariah’s silent anticipation of the first Christmas.

Soul Shepherding’s Advent Resources will prepare your heart for a fresh appreciation of the coming of Christ. Our booklet is for private devotions and small groups. The prayer cards work great for facilitating conversation at a holiday gathering.


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