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These Soul Shepherding Advent resources will foster joyful appreciation of the coming of Christ Jesus!

1. Experience the Birth of Christ Anew – Devotions For Advent

This 12-page PDF resource features ten one page devotionals, each themed on a Bible character in the Advent story.

Each meditation includes an Advent passage of Scripture, picture, reflection, and Breath Prayer from the Bible. This is designed for personal devotions or small groups.

2. Advent Prayer Cards

This PDF resources includes 15 picture-prayer cards. Each small “card” includes a picture of an Advent character (including many that will surprise adults and delight children!), very short meditation, reflection question, and prayer prompt.

We’ve used this at celebration events with family and friends, including school-aged children. Everybody has fun with it! And it’s an opportunity for soul talk among spiritual friends or in a small group.

Each person picks a card and then uses the picture and prompts to guide their sharing. People can simply offer their thoughts on the Bible character or share vulnerably in response to the reflection question and prayer prompt. In either case, participants can be invited to look to their Bible character as a “companion” through Advent.

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