The Soul of a Leader Needs Shepherding

When the shepherds in our churches and Christian organizations are depressed, overstressed, or struggling with compulsive behavior, then the sheep they care for suffer.

If pastors are not growing in their own intimacy with Jesus, then their ministry to others is diminished.  If ministry leaders are not setting aside ministry demands regularly to be still with God and open up their hearts to him, then they probably are having trouble hearing his voice and relying on his Spirit in their ministry.

Pastor Stress

Statistics on Pastor Stress show that pastors experience tremendous stress personally and in their marriages and families. Tragically, some pastors burnout from stress overload or blow out with a moral failing. There is a great need for pastors and other ministry leaders to participate in safe, encouraging relationships of Soul Shepherding from Jesus.

How can we shepherd the souls of others if our souls aren’t being shepherded?

Soul Shepherding for Pastors (Men and Women in Ministry)

In the ministry of Soul Shepherding we care for pastors and pastors’ spouses — separately, together, or in groups. Soul Shepherding is about cultivating intimacy with Jesus.

Soul Shepherding may look like counseling, spiritual direction, or soul friendship. It happens in our office and home, at churches, on retreats, along walking paths, or at coffee shops.

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