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The Wounded Healer as a Spiritual Guide (Henri Nouwen)

Henri Nouwen in his book The Wounded Healer laments that most Christian leaders are not prepared to be spiritual leaders for hurting people. “Our service will not be perceived as authentic,” Nouwen warns, “unless it comes from a heart wounded by the suffering about which we speak. Thus, nothing can be written about ministry without a deeper understanding of…

Enjoying Ministry to Others

Jesus says, “Give and it will be given back to you.” (Luke 6:38) But often when we serve, care, or lead in ministry we’re weighed down with burdens, overstressed, or discouraged. We’re missing the joy of Jesus! Bill and Kristi share their struggles and renewals to encourage you.

Praying For Physical or Emotional Healing

With Insights From Pastor Joe Johnson with Heart of the Father Ministries* Kristi and I were fortunate to receive instruction in healing and deliverance ministry in college. Many Christian pastors, counselors, and lay ministers today have not received this training and so they don’t know how to use the authority that Jesus gave them to pray…

Jesus’ Ministry As the Wonderful Counselor

As a Christian psychologist it’s been important for me to look to the Lord Jesus Christ as the perfect psychologist. I look to him as my counselor. I study him and his ways to learn how to be a better counselor. I rely on his Spirit present in my counseling office as I care for…