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The Conversation that Became Christmas

You’ve never heard the Christmas story told like this! This one is different and so important.


Of course, we love Luke’s version of the Christmas story with the angel visiting Mary, her Magnificat, the baby Jesus laid in a manger surrounded by animals, shepherds aglow, and angels singing, “Peace on earth!” We also love Matthew’s version of the Christmas story which brings in Joseph’s perspective and the visit of the three Magi who follow the miracle star to come and worship the Christ child, presenting him with prophetic gifts.


John’s Version of the Christmas Story — Paraphrased by Erasmus

But we tend to neglect the Apostle John’s essential version of the Christmas story. He begins his Gospel by telling the story of God’s incarnation from the perspective of eternity past. This Christmas story doesn’t feature any angels, but still it is truly glorious! John emphasizes the eternal Son of God, the Word (Logos), coming to earth as a human being to communicate to us just how incredibly much God loves us.


Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote an amazing paraphrase of John chapter 1 in the 16th Century as part of his paraphrase of the entire New Testament. Based on Erasmus’ ancient work I have re-told John’s version of the Christmas story with some fresh wording that will inspire you. It translates “Logos” as “The Conversation” rather than “The Word.” Understanding Jesus Christ as The Conversation of God becoming flesh emphasizes the relational, dynamic, communicating nature of God in which Father, Son, and Spirit live in a glorious conversation of love and invite us to join in!


In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, God offers us his perfect message of love.


The Conversation

In the beginning was The Conversation;
within God, He was God.
The Conversation always was, is, and will be within God;
He is before the beginning
and after the ending.
Through The Conversation
all living things were — and continue to be — created;
nothing has been made
and nothing continues to live
except by the Him.
In The Conversation was life —
God’s creative energy,
His sustaining, unending love —
which gives light to all people.
The Conversation’s life
shines gloriously in this dark world;
although most people do not listen and respond
The Conversation continues.
God sent a man named John the Baptist
to help people listen to The Conversation
so that through Him all people might believe.
John was not the light;
he came to immerse people
in The Conversation’s life-giving light.
The true and original light for all people
is the One who came into the world to converse.
Even though He spoke all living things into existence,
continues to sustain all life,
all people belong to Him,
and He gave His life for them,
most people still did not recognize Him;
they did not participate in The Conversation.
Yet for all who joined The Conversation —
to those who put their trust in His goodness and mercy alone —
He re-birthed them into new people living a new life;
they listened to God’s words with their heart,
responded to God’s creative activity,
and started living in God’s family
as His beloved children forever.
The Conversation became flesh and blood
to walk among us,
speak our language,
and shine God’s glory
on us, in us, and through us.
He was born of the virgin,
lived a perfect life of love,
gave His life on a cross for all people,
and rose from the dead!
We, His apostles, have touched Him
and heard His words of healing and wisdom.
He is the One and Only
of the Father.
The Son of God
is the Savior of the World.
He gave His Spirit to us;
The Holy Spirit is speaking to us here and now —
we can’t keep The Conversation to ourselves!
We must invite others
to join God’s glorious and life-giving dialogue!
It’s time to let the Father’s Son,
the Light of the World,
shine out from within us!
The Conversation of Three is One Word,
for you and everyone within your reach:

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