Tag: Anxiety

Jesus Heals Anxious Hearts

Anxiety sucks the life out of you! We explore this "dis-ease" -- it's symptoms and causes (like hurrying, repression, trying to make things turn out like you want). We seek to understand how we can access his healing and share in a healing prayer experience with Mark 4:35-41, keying in on Jesus' words to the storm: "Peace! Be still."
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“No Sweat!”

“It’s no sweat!” we say when something is easy for us. What if we lived life without sweating? Without straining, hurrying, or worrying? That’s how…
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Are you feeling stuck in your faith walk? The healthy Christian life is one of continuing spiritual, emotional, and relational growth, but sometimes we feel stuck or stagnated at one stage of the journey.

Get unstuck and identify the next steps you need to take to grow emotionally and spiritually—no matter where you are or how long you’ve been following Jesus.