Tag: 12 Step Recovery

Carry the Message: Step 12

Step 12 gives us a vision for our journey of recovery. It gives us hope that we could live spiritually awake to God, sober and alert, and carrying the message of recovery to others while continuing to practice the principles of the 12 Steps in daily life.
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An Unhurried Life

“I’m a recovering speed addict — and I don’t mean the drug,” writes Alan Fadling in his new book, An Unhurried Life. “I’m talking about…
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Prayer and Meditation: Step 11 of Recovery

"Conscious contact with God" is what enables us to live in 12 Step Recovery. We achieve this through prayer and meditation. The result is that we grow in divine power and knowledge. This is what Step 11 teaches us. People with addictions, those who are anxious or depressed, and all kinds of antsy people can learn to benefit from prayer and meditation on Scripture. Here's how...
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