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Bill and Kristi had an emotionally upsetting conversation. Each was tempted to “cut off” and avoid working through the mess, but they stayed with it. God helped them put into practice the Bible’s teaching to “be patient, bearing with one another in love.” It’s raw. It’s real. It’s grace. It works.

This is the last of 6 in the series “Repairing Torn Hearts and Relationships”

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6 responses to “Emotional Cut Offs Hurt

  • I had a therapist with whom I was very close who emotionally cut me off. This happened three years ago, and I am still in deep agony, and it’s still unresolved. I didn’t do anything wrong. He assured me of this. I had worked with this therapist for four years, much of that seeing him twice a week. He abruptly informed me one day that he was gong to terminate me and that there was nothing I could do to change his mind. We were working on my abandonment fears, and he knew this. He had promised me many times over the years that when we ended it would be a mutual decision. I have reached out over the past three years to try to see if he would have one meeting with me to help me process further and resolve the situation so I can move on. He would never meet with me. I can’t get past this. The person who was supposed to help me get past abandonment trauma from my past abandoned me and cut me off. I saw him at the park one day randomly and when he jogged past me, he looked the other way and wouldn’t even acknowledge me. That felt like a knife to my heart. I am still in so much pain and can’t figure out how to resolve this situation. It has taken so much energy from my life for years. I am so sad and hurt. I can’t trust now. I feel so much grief.

    • Dear Katcha, I am so sad that is has happened to you and that you have suffered this pain. Contact us here for you to receive resources for you to connect with an ambassador of Christ to walk you through this time and help you connect with Lord to bring healing to your heart.

  • Thank you for your comments and questions and your sincerity in wanting to grow in spiritual and emotional health! I respect you.

    Carrying our tender heart into relationships that are not safe is vulnerable and an opportunity to depend on Christ for strength, courage, grace and love. Processing my emotions with someone before and after is very helpful too. I do set and maintain intentional boundaries in relationship with people who are not safe for me to be vulnerable with. Breath prayers help me as does watching and praying in advance of being with these people.
    I was able to let go of the intensity of emotion after sharing with Bill and feeling heard, understood and receiving grace from him. I have continued to pray and process with Christ my concerns about the suggestion this board member and Bill were making. The issue has not gone away and I still feel somewhat threatened by the possibility of the board going this direction. I am praying and submitting this to Christ because if it is best for Soul Shepherding I don’t want my emotions to get in the way. I am looking to Christ to lead and trusting His love for me. It does also help to know that Bill understands the vulnerability I feel if we do go this direction.
    May you feel Christ gracious, patient, honoring love deep in your soul too!

  • the best part was 17 minutes into the video as you both were describing what you actually did. Thank you.
    Is there a way to forward or o back to a different part in the video? thank you

    • Hi Janelle, If you are listening through the website you can use your mouse to click on the place in the audio message you would like to go to and it will go there. If it is on your phone you can move the curser back and forth with your finger to go were you want within the podcast. Hope that is helpful and we are grateful the podcasts are a blessing to you!

  • I experienced the deep, vulnerable holiness in this encounter. What beautiful hope, humility and courage you both pour out here. It was empowering for me personally, and helped me to sit with Jesus, with some of my uncomfortable emotions, without trying to fix myself (!)
    Thank you…it also helped me to not get stuck in shame after sharing some of these emotions with an empathetic friend this morning.
    Kristi, I am wondering how you carry your tender heart into relationships that are not so safe, and if you were able to let go of the incident after you shared with Bill, or was there some action you knew you needed to take as a follow up? You guys are awesome. I’m so grateful for your podcasts. love, Vicki

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