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The Enneagram is a great tool that can help us become conscious of some deeply held internal beliefs, emotions, and attitudes.  As we become aware of them, we can grow beyond them.  Join Bill and Kristi as they unpack how each triad has specific wounds that can shape our sense of identity and point to our need for Jesus.

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2 responses to “156 – Enneagram: Your Identity (Triads)

  • Hi, Drs. Bill & Kristi–I am a long-time listener of your podcasts and LOVE them very much. God is using your Enneagram series in a powerful way. It seems, though, that I am “always hurried-out of time!” (Yes, I also listen to Alan & Gem Fadlings’ “Unhurried Living” podcast. I still have a long way to go in that area of my life!) We actually leave very soon, today, for our next ISP trip–this time to Central Asia, to a country we have served eight times since 2006.

    My question is how do I download the survey to take the test that helps discover our Enneagram type? You mention at the end of your podcast to click on the links in your website–but I haven’t yet found the right place, only the list of the blogs I have previously heard. Since our first leg of our current trip will be 13 hours long, I may have time to reflect, pray, and learn more about my Enneagram type. Please, if possible, email me the “how to” of delving deeper into this topic.

    Thank you BOTH, so much for your faithful ministry. Blessings to you and your family!!

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