My Favorite Trinity Prayer

“Trinity Sunday” is a day worth remembering. Of course, every day is a good day to pray to the Father, Son, and Spirit!

Trinitarian Prayer greatly enriches our relationship with God, bringing out the distinct character of each member of the Godhead and the unique and wonderful way that each one relates to us. And each Divine Person welcomes us into the community of the Trinity!

Each glorious member of the Godhead is portrayed in the icon above.

My favorite Trinitarian Prayer is based on Psalm 16:2 and is called “My All in All: Abba, Jesus, Parakletos.”

It emphasizes the three most precious names of God that have warmed my heart. Each is so personal, affectionate, and delightful. I have experienced each as a personal revelation from God.

I invite you to quiet your heart, look to God, and pray with me:

Abba… Apart from you and your arms of love I have no good thing

Jesus… Apart from you and your cross I have no good thing

Parakletos… Apart from you and your breath of life I have no good thing

More Soul Shepherding

In my article, “My All in All: Abba, Jesus, Parakletos,” I share with you some background to this prayer and a refreshing way to pray it deeply from your heart.

And, you can check out another one of my favorite Trinitarian prayers that I’ve written, “O Trinity,” here.



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