Bored, Busy, or Blessed?

Right now you’re probably either bored, busy, or blessed.

We were created for intimacy and adventure with God and to share this life with other people. Yet often we forget this! We get caught up in our stress. We live by other priorities.

We get disconnected from God and his purposes. That’s why we get bored. That’s why we feel empty or insignificant.

We hate feeling bored so we busy ourselves with work, gossip, errands, or entertainments. When we have things to do and places to go we feel productive!

“Get Busy!” I Told Myself

For instance, this morning I woke up early. My first thought was to get busy doing stuff! As always, I had a long “To Do List” waiting at my desk.

Instead, I remembered C.S. Lewis insisting that busy people are lazy. (Mere Christianity, pp. 197-198)

I laid in bed to be still with God… I felt bored… I prayed and meditated on Scripture… I still felt bored!

I cried out, Lord, I love you. It’s the Sabbath. I want to rest and rejoice in you alone. I’m setting aside my work today. What shall we do to be together this morning?

“I lift up my eyes to the hills,” I found myself praying. “Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1)

Yes! The song of the hills is calling me!

So I went running and rejoicing with Jesus in the hills near my home! I gave thanks for a rising sun, spacious fields, sunshine, higher ground, Scripture passages to pray, the presence of Paracletos (Holy Spirit).

I wasn’t busy. I wasn’t bored. I was blessed!

The Blessing Awaits

Every moment of every day the blessing of God’s presence and purposes is there for us — even in difficulties, even in suffering.

We won’t always feel God’s blessing, but always we can direct our minds to it and interact with the reality of God in our midst.

We can always appreciate our Father’s love.

We can always apprentice ourselves to Jesus Christ.

We can always attune to Holy Spirit.

We don’t have to busy ourselves to avoid feeling bored. The blessing of the Trinity awaits!

A Resource For Your Devotions or Small Group

I keep talking about living in Jesus’ easy yoke because I’ve found it to be the best life! We experience real rest by training with Jesus in whole person workouts, body and soul, formed by our Lord’s Word and Spirit.

Just today a pastor thanked me for Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke. He said, “Thank you for sharing your journey and for caring. It’s bringing new perspective. It’s breathing new life for me and so many!”


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