I want to introduce you to my friend Bob Sanders, President of Baja Christian Ministries (BCM). He has a story in the form of a prayer poem to share with you. It’ll warm your heart. It’ll bless you. It’ll inspire you to draw closer to Jesus in the simplicity and eagerness of a child.

First a few words about Bob. He leads an amazing ministry. Over the last 25 years he has taken many thousands of people across the border into Mexico to build houses for the poor and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What a joy it is to hand over the keys to a new house to a family who was living in a shack! And what a greater joy it is to share the gospel in neighborhoods and see person after person be drawn to Jesus to confess their sins, receive his forgiveness and new life, and sign up to be in a discipleship group. My wife and I and all three of our children have been honored to do this a number of times with Bob his team with BCM.

Solitude with Jesus

Recently Kristi and I led Bob and all the pastors and missionaries of BCM on a Soul Shepherding retreat in Mexico at the beautiful Poco Cielo hotel on the ocean, just north of Ensenda. Bob couldn’t contain his enthusiasm — I wish you could’ve seen his face glowing with the love of Jesus! He and his staff were wonderfully renewed by Jesus personally, in their marriages, and for their ongoing ministry.

The highlight of the retreat for Bob was the afternoon of solitude with Jesus on the beach. He wrote a prayer poem about his experience called “Lunch with Jesus” and he wants to share it with you. It conveys the spirit of the little boy in the gospel story who happily shared his lunch with Jesus (John 6:5-13 tells this story and it is pictured above in the flannel graph by Betty Lukens).

Draw you closer to the Lord with Bob. You’ll be inspired to have lunch with Jesus.

Lunch With Jesus

I had lunch with Jesus today
I wasn’t sure what to do or say
we went to the beach for a time of play
just Him and me
with a sack lunch of tasty treats
this invitation was precious indeed
and so kind of Him to send
it was time to learn from Him
how to become best friends
I didn’t know much about that
but if not now, then when?
so together we sat
and pondered the question again
what could be better than being best friends?
with the God of the universe
the Creator of heaven and earth

what did I lack?
what was holding me back?
why couldn’t I be more relational?
why wasn’t I more trusting and personal?

okay! what now?
being best friends, but how?

for starters, why not you and Me
journey down the path of poetry?
we have such mild overcast weather
why not write poetry together?

did earlier hurts inflict
painful wounds that made me heartsick?
what happened to the child in me?
why did I age so quick?
was this now time for my healing?
God’s rhythmic waves we’re playing
His soothing music
blended with soft instrumental tunes from my IPOD
I was taking 5 hours of heart-steps with my God
learning to transform stress into rest

Father of spirit and truth
make everything new
increase my desire to worship You

Father, when we walk or sit
what if it  becomes too quiet?
how do I stay in tune and not quit?

when it does just ask Me another question and be still
patiently wait and give Me time to reveal
take tiny steps, don’t be fast or impatient
learn to be content
to savor the moments I have sent
draw near and learn to joyfully persevere

Father! help me to see
I have so much to learn
in this inward journey
cause me to wholeheartedly  yearn
enlighten, motivate and inspire me
make me a healthy child eager and ready
to jump into Your arms joyfully

teach me what to do
and how to rest in You

my beloved son
on this new level
we have just begun
it’s you and Me
on this life-changing journey
keep coming to Me consistently
and as you do you will reap
new depths of intimacy

Father, breathe fresh wind into this exciting adventure
of personalizing and praying scripture together
may Your power and healing truth
restore my soul and renew my youth
enlighten me to vividly see
significance and blessing in the little things
expressing praise and gratitude in everything

Poem by Bob Sanders — 8/30/2011
penned during the Soul Shepherding Retreat for BCM in Baja California, Mexico
Dedicated to Bill and Kristi Gaultiere
Lance and Jeannie Wood