Listen to God with Joseph

Don’t forget Joseph’s part in the Nativity story.  God may be speaking to you through his role…

None of Joseph’s words are recorded in the Bible.  He was a man who listened.  He listened to God through people, dreams, angels, and circumstances.  He heard God’s voice and obeyed him to protect his dream, the Word made flesh, Christ (Matthew 1:18-25).

Joseph believed in Mary’s virginity when no one else did.  He took on her public shame by marrying her even though she was already pregnant.  No doubt he took a lot of criticism for this.  To help fulfill God’s dream, he sacrificed the way he wanted his marriage and his life to be.

And Joseph accepted the challenge of raising and protecting God’s Son, which included taking the infant Jesus and Mary, fleeing  far from his home to safety in Egypt in order to get away from the murderous King Herod.

Christmas Can Be an Opportunity For Conflict Resolution

Joseph’s role in the Christmas story reminds us that Christmas often includes conflict, stress, and grief.  And that God’s dream – Christ here in our midst – is most important and worth enduring trials and giving our all to so that we and others might appreciate and honor Christ!

How do you identify with Joseph?  What is God asking you to do for the sake of Christ?

Pray for wisdom and strength to help you to obey the Lord as Joseph did.

Then, pray for God to strengthen someone else who is going through a challenge this Christmas.

Devotionals and Prayer Cards for Advent will help you experience the of the coming of Christ Jesus in a new way! Each meditation includes an Advent passage of Scripture, picture, reflection, and Breath Prayer from the Bible.


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