Jesus is Enough for Me!

“Jesus is enough for me!”  Do you believe this?

Probably you would say that you do. When you list out your life priorities I can imagine that you write “Love God” or “Follow Jesus Christ” at the top of your list.

My question for you is: Have you organized your whole life around being devoted to Jesus? Is your relationship with Jesus the operational source of your well-being and identity?

In 2002 I began in earnest to apprentice myself entirely to Jesus Christ. (I had been a Christian for over 30 years at that point.) What an adventure my life has become since then! Christ has become more and more pre-eminent in my thoughts, desires, and conversations. Love, joy, and peace have become more and more pervasive.

Pray Psalm 131

Praying Psalm 131 is a spiritual practice that has helped to form my heart really to mean it when I say, “Jesus is enough for me!” Jesus’ smile is enough, his embrace is enough, his breath is enough. Jesus is enough!

I memorized Psalm 131 (in the Jerusalem Bible version) and meditated deeply on it many times over a two-year period. One morning I fasted and prayed at the ocean and mostly all I did that day was pray Psalm 131.

This led to composing my “Jesus is Enough” prayer, which is a paraphrase from Psalm 131. What a blessing this prayer has been to me! It’s a prayer to cultivate a heart of passionate indifference to all things except Jesus! Yes, passionately indifferent to all things except knowing Jesus and inviting others to know him with me. What joy it brings us to delight in Jesus and discover that he is our sweet sufficiency!

Pray “Jesus is Enough”

To pray “Jesus is Enough” meditatively you need to go through it s-l-o-w-l-y. (You may need to print this devotional out and do your prayer in a quiet, serene place away from your computer!)

You can try praying my “Jesus is Enough” prayer as a Simplifying Prayer. Each time you repeat the prayer you simplify it by dropping a word or phrase. Also, you pause in quiet after offering each line of the prayer, letting the last word or image echo throughout your soul. Finally you end up praying only one word — the lovely name of Jesus! Just Jesus.

Then you remain in quiet and stillness with your Lord Jesus, letting him hold you like a mother holds a child. “Christ is all,” Paul says (Colossians 3:11). Yes! We’re making Jesus our All in all as we pray: “Jesus is enough for me…”

Jesus is Enough (A Prayer from Psalm 131)

Jesus is enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet like a child in its mother’s arms – content…

Jesus is enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet like a child in its mother’s arms…

Jesus is enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet…

Jesus is enough for me to keep my soul…

Jesus is enough for me…

Jesus is enough…


Soul Training

Pray “Jesus is Enough” a few times. Till your soul becomes tranquil and quiet in his arms.

Then try targeting your prayer for your spiritual formation in Christ. Consider the people, passions, and projects that are important to you. Consider that without Jesus at the center they leave you empty. Ask God to help you identify anything in your life that distracts you from Jesus and then as you picture that struggle or temptation pray, “Jesus is enough for me.”

You can also you the “Jesus is Enough” prayer in intercession. This is a form of contemplative intercession or abiding in prayer for others. It’s a simple and delightful prayer of the heart. Only a few words are needed. You wait quietly for the Lord to put a person on your heart and then you picture them being held by Jesus as you pray for them by name, “Jesus is enough for __________.”

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