What have you done with the painful things you’ve experienced in your past? How might they be influencing you today?

We may try to forget painful memories and move on but in that case the problem lives on deep inside us, affecting how we relate to God, others, and ourselves in ways that we may not realize. Anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic relationship problems usually have roots in a history of being rejected, abused, or growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Common problems like insecurity, anxiety, self-condemnation, or chronic tiredness may also be related to wounds or conflicts of the past that we haven’t healed from. Even physical problems ranging from serious illnesses to common headaches may be caused in part by internalized stress and repressed emotion. How we respond to the painful situations of life is a BIG deal.

Inner Healing Prayer

Inner Healing Prayer is a way to invite the Spirit of Christ to minister to the inner parts of our person that have been damaged. Sometimes this is called “Healing of Memory Prayer,” but usually the problem is less about the memory and more about the wounded or conflicted personality. (What makes the memory especially important is that it gives us access to the inner wound or conflict and how our personality may have been malformed.)

Typically inner healing prayer is done in conversation with a counselor or other prayer minister who offers God’s compassion and discernment under the leading of the Holy Spirit. The key to benefiting from this process is opening your mind and heart to Jesus to allow him to enter into the memory or hurt place to minister his grace and truth. Many people experience significant breakthroughs into personal freedom or healing by connecting profoundly with Jesus through this kind of inner healing prayer.

(Here are some more Soul Shepherding articles on “Healing Prayer.”)

Another way that we have invited Jesus to heal our hearts and the hearts of people we minister to is through praying a Scripture passage contemplatively while remembering the painful event from the past. To pray contemplatively is to Be Still in God’s presence as you marinate yourself in the Word.

Drinking From the Psalm 46 “River That Makes Glad”

Psalm 46 is a wonderful tool for inner healing prayer. It is such a gift to us! It has some famous lines that are well-known by most earnest followers of Christ. But the real benefit comes when we meditate on the whole psalm, especially if we memorize it because that helps us to meditate further on it and makes it more profoundly available to us for personal prayer. If we take the words, insights, structure, and rhythms of Psalm 46 into our bodies and minds and then we open up our heart to God in a special time of prayer it is truly remarkable how God can use this psalm to bring us his healing!

1st Meditation: Listen for a Word

“There is a river that makes glad the city of God.” And it is here in Psalm 46!

Pray Psalm 46 s-l-o-w-l-y to help you drink from God’s living waters. As you do this, notice that there are three sections, each ending with a “Selah.” Selah means pause quietly to reflect and pray. Selah helps you to drink from the still waters of God’s love by hearing his Word to you. Selah helps you to be still and enjoy God’s presence.

As you read Psalm 46 now what word or phrase from Psalm 46 does the Holy Spirit especially impress upon your heart? Let this word come to life inside you…

2nd Meditation: Imagine the Scenes

Read and pray Psalm 46 again. This time use your imagination to picture the images and scenes of the Psalm. Notice the sharp contrasts between the distressing physical circumstances and the encouraging spiritual realities. Observe the differences between the government of people and that of God.

In Psalm 46 we see and feel frightening images of an earthquake, tidal wave, uproar amongst the nations, and war. Maybe you have been through fearful things in your past? Maybe you are experiencing conflict or great stress now?

As we already said, Psalm 46 offers us the river that makes glad the city of God. This is part of the Kingdom of God, the ultimate and eternal refuge and fortress for all who call on the Lord. Indeed, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.”

But when we go through suffering it may feel like God hasn’t been our refuge. When do we experience God’s help? We find that indeed God is our refuge when we look beyond our circumstances into spiritual reality and submit to his kingdom rule. What blessed peace is ours when we see and trust the invisible Kingdom of God in the midst of our visible world at war! Indeed, our personal anxieties and hurts can give way to God’s word of peace: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Try imagining the scenes of Psalm 46, especially the Kingdom of God, as you re-read it now…


To help you enter more deeply into the Selah rest of Psalm 46 contemplate just these three key verses that minister God’s presence and kingdom to us:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble… Selah…

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God… Selah…

Be still and know that I am God… Selah…

Healing Prayer

Now it’s time to recall a painful memory or struggle and invite Jesus to minister God’s healing power to you. Ask God to help you…

Imagine what happened. See yourself as a child or vulnerable person in that situation and deep inside of you today. (The child of your history may be the child in your heart today.) Feel your emotions and needs…

Consider that during that painful situation the risen Christ was present with you in Spirit, but probably this was in ways that you didn’t notice or appreciate. At that time you weren’t able or didn’t know how to put your confidence fully in the Lord and enter into the spiritual reality that God’s kingdom truly is your refuge. God is in the eternal now, where past, present, and future are one, so ask the Lord Jesus to come to you in this memory and show you how he was and is present for you

Take as much time as you need to be quiet and still before the Lord. You’re offering your painful memory to God as if it were a movie screen. Look and listen for Jesus, paying attention to any images, thoughts, or sensations that he may bring into your awareness…

It may help you to calm your thoughts and keep your mind and heart open to God if you return to contemplating on one of the lines the from Psalm 46 (e.g., “God is our refuge… There is a river… Be still…”)…

Continue in God’s Healing

Inner healing prayer for a particular memory, wound, or conflict is an ongoing process that deepens with time. So it’s helpful to repeat this Psalm 46 meditation. Furthermore, to fully absorb and integrate into your personality God’s blessing you need to appreciate it. So make sure to give thanks to God for any ways that your Psalm 46 meditation has helped you to experience him as your “refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.”

The other way to further your healing from Christ through this Psalm 46 meditation and prayer is to talk to someone you trust about your experience.


With Bill and Kristi’s book, Healing Prayer: For Emotional & Physical Wholeness, you can be ready with the faith and resources to receive Jesus’ healing touch wherever and whenever it’s needed for you or those you care for. This book is a practical guide to healing prayer as it’s taught in the Bible and modeled by Jesus and his disciples. It’s great for personal devotions, small groups, or training prayer ministers.

62 responses to “Inner Healing Prayer with Psalm 46

  • Thank you so much, Miriam Knight, for your prayers and comment. I am already feeling the answers to some of these sleep issues. I am also feeling much healthier. I sleep with just a bit of medication now and the restless leg issue was totally gone last night. Jesus is awesome! I have tooth and mouth issues and would like God to heal that also. Would you mind praying for this one more thing? Tomorrow I see the dentist again. God bless you.

  • For several years I have had a chronic insomnia issue. Medications are not working.any more. Medical people have not been able to help. We are praying but need some support because we have not gotten the answer yet. It makes me so tired and stressful that I cannot even have our children visit us. My husband and I cannot get a break through for this. Please pray that God will heal now. This is urgent.

    • Lynee, I feel sad that you are experiencing this. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I encourage you to check out these other articles on healing prayer. Father, thank you for Lynee. May your kingdom come in her her body so that she may heal and sleep. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Lynee, I feel sad that you are experiencing this. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I encourage you to check out these other articles on healing prayer. Father, thank you for Lynee. May your kingdom come in her body so that she may heal and sleep. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • We are a ministry in healing and deliverance and it is amazing how Jesus fixes broken people. In the past 2 years of doing this i have overcome fear of speaking, marriage is blooming. I was very rejected all my life. But as i started dealing with these issues the holy spirit takes me to those incidents i forgot and revealed a lot.

  • Why are some people opposed to Inner soul healing prayer like Sozo? I just read an article on it and this person said stay away from it. I’m on a waiting list for Sozo prayer. I’m hurting so bad I can hardly wait to get prayed over. Now they put this doubt in my head that it’s bad.

  • I love how God hears and answers…I’ve decided to not allow the negativity from my past not to hinder any more. Prayer and meditation of scripture I confessed will be my way out.
    I googled inner healing and this website came up. Grateful! Blessings to the author. Thank you for your obedience.

  • Asking for prayers for Jackie Virgin that she be renewed into a new body that is even healthier and stronger than the body she had before having head injuries. Prayers for peace strength patience and understanding. Prayers to send angels to comfort her.

  • Hello, I’m pregnant out of wedlock and found out the father has been with someone else, I seek peace within to forget this because it hurts me so much. I pray every night, and read His word everyday, please send a prayer so that the peace can be found between us…i just want peace from these memories

    • Dear Jelena, my heart goes out to you that you have been hurt in this way. My prayer is that the Lord will show you that He truly is your refuge and strength and your help in this time. He is the Lord of Heaven’s armies and He is the one who is for you and working on your behalf. Rest in Him knowing He loves you and in His strength, you can find rest. You don’t have to be strong because He is. Praying for you and agreeing with you in prayer today.

  • Good Day, I’m a born again believer, I speak in tongues, I truly know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. Brothers , Sisters, I’m a native Canadian aboriginal man. I struggle with many things in my life, as everyone who writes to you in this article. My mother, over all these years, makes comments that are hurtful. That me being born, I caused her great pain, and almost taking her life also. It’s not my fault, this I truly know being picked by Jesus Christ before I was born into this world. I need prayers for my family, past hurts, alcoholism, and all the damaging behaviours it has caused me till this day. I also ask for prayers for all the Christian brothers and Sisters who are lost and hurting today.. Love You all Harold

    • Dear Harold, thank you for sharing some of the struggle you have been going through but I am so glad that you truly know Jesus is your Lord and Savior. My prayer is for you today that the Lord will lead you to an ambassador of Jesus that he will use to show you our Abba’s heart of love, grace and mercy he has for you. I’m sad that you are hurting and for the struggles in relationships in your family. I know that pain they can cause. Lord Jesus bring your peace and hope to Harold today and lead him to a place of healing for his heart, mind and soul. Bring restoration in his relationships with his family and bring life, freedom, salvation and healing to their lives as well. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  • Please pray I will find a good Christian man. I have never been married but it is so important for me to have a spouse whose heart is after Christ. And I hope to do well in my career. Please also pray for my sister-in-law who is unfaithful to my brother. I want her to return to him and we are willing to forgive her.
    Thank you and God bless you

    • Dear Teresa, agreeing with you in prayer that the Lord prepares your heart as he prepares that heart of the man he has planned for you. Praying that our Lord will work in the heart of your sister-in-law and turn her heart towards Jesus and bring healing to her brokenness, as well as, the hurt and pain it has caused in her relationship with her husband and the family.

  • please pray or help thyMichael Neividomski that my mother and I are able to come up with $1025.00 after i was assaulted and robbed of my personal wallet with all my money that I was on my way to give for to finally have a place to live in after years of being homeless or stuck in a motel room. my health is not so good for I had a heart attack and surgery art the age of 33 caused by to much stress and severe depression. please pray for we only have to the first of May before the owner of this motel tells us to leave for we are too poor to stay here at his motel which means back into the streets while im still trying to recover from the surgery plus i have mental problems along with ptsd manic depression bipolar and anxiety disorder. so please find it in your hearts and souls to do whatever y’all shall do to help rescue us from certain death. godbless amen.

    • Lord I lift up to you Michael and Jeanette and ask that you will show them you are Jehovah Jireh, which means the Great Provider. Genesis 22:14 So Abraham called the name of that place, “The Lord will provide”; as it is said to this day, “On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.” Guide them today to the the place that will bring them the help they need and bring your healing and peace to their lives. Bring an ambassador of your Son Jesus who you will use to guide them and provide for them and bring the healing in their lives that only You can give. Michael, I’m not sure where you live, but if you want to contact The Village of Hope they may be able to direct you to an organization in your area that can be a great help to you and your mother.


    • Dear Denise, thank you for reaching out to ask for prayer. My heart goes out to you that you have been struggling with your health and having panic attacks. I want to share with you an recent article Bill Gaultiere wrote that may minister to you, Help for Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Also, if you have not listened to Bill and Kristi’s weekly podcast, I know they will minister to your soul. They are free and this one may be helpful to you, Delighting in Streams of God. Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to you Denise and I ask that you will touch her mind, body and soul with the love and warmth of your Holy Spirit. I pray that you will show Denise the love you have for her and how valuable she is to You. Bring to her an Ambassador of Jesus that you will use to minister your healing to her life. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  • I have been suffering all my life due to trauma to the head when I was around 5 years old, I need prayer of healing in this area.

    • Dear Dawn, thank you for sharing with us about your injury and the suffering you have dealt with due to the trauma it has caused you. I am sad that you have struggled with this and it is my prayer that the Lord brings healing into your life. Dear Lord Jesus, I ask that your healing presence will come to Dawn now and rest on the area of head trauma where she was injured when she was a young child. Lord, you know exactly what happened and I ask the you will touch that place now with your healing presence and peace. Bring you peace and healing to Dawn’s whole body and mind and I pray today that she will know you have done a work in her life. Instill your hope and your love for her in her heart. In Your name we pray. Amen.

  • I have been traumatized by a spiritual experience in 2009 I repented of my sins and all i’ve been is suffering from this mental experience in which since that happened I have not been the same. My world has been turned upside down and the thoughts in my head are not thought that a Christian save woman of God should have. These thoughts are directed to God my LORD and MY Savior and it hurts and it so painful I don’t want these thoughts in my head. I’ve been suffering from this for so long and I want to be healed from this in the deepest cord root of my soul will emotions mind and spirit. I want to be free from all that displeases God I want to HONOR God Please pray for the mind of Christ and salvation for me and my family witchcraft and rebellion sin must be broken : (

    • Dear Jeanette, Know that the Lord sees your heart and desire to honor Him and that pleases the Lord! My heart goes out to you that you have been suffering. Heavenly Father, I ask that your hand of help will rest on Jeanette and you will speak the truth of who she is in Your family to her heart, mind and soul. I pray Lord the Jeanette will only hear Your voice and that truth and she will know today how much You love her as Your daughter. Bring healing and freedom to Jeanette through an ambassador of Christ. Give Jeanette wisdom and discernment and also you peace that surpasses understanding. In Jesus powerful name. Amen. Jeanette please contact us if your would like further resources here.

  • Imagining the abuse, as you suggest, ” ask the Lord Jesus to come to you in this memory and show you how he was and is present for you” is so hard because I continue to ask myself, Why didn’t he STOP it? I know free will includes evil and sin. The Bible continually speaks of His love, protection, presence, He is my Father, I am His child, etc…..so HOW cold this have happened. HE IS ALL POWERFUL, yet He allowed this horrible thing that has caused hurt and pain and depression and anxiety and more. I can’t reconcile this and I want to be healed of these bad memories so desperately. Am I simply supposed to accept that free will of sinful man caused this hurt and God allowed it for some reason? I do know that He didn’t want it, that He hurt with me as it happened, but to I magine Him there and not stopping or preventing it hurts my image of HIM??????

    • Dear Sherry, I hear your heart and your pain from not only the abuse that you suffered but also feeling hurt that the Lord didn’t stop and protect you. He is your Father in Heaven so where was He?… I understand how difficult this is to work through and I’m sad for your hurt you are feeling. Know that our Heavenly Father wants you to bring your questions to Him and wants to care for you through your healing process. If you haven’t already, connect with an ambassador of Christ that the Lord can use to bring healing into your life. Contact us here and we will send you information to connect with someone to walk with you through this process. Lifting you up in prayer today.

  • Please I want prayer to heal my mom… She’s very sick… Please I don’t want her to die. Please I need your prayers

    • Dear Heavenly Father I lift up to you Samson’s mom and I ask that you will bring your healing presence to her body. That she will feel the joy of your peace fill and surround her. I pray Lord that you will be with Samson and all of those who love his mom and that they will be carried by your strength. I stand in agreement with all who are praying for Samson’s mom for healing for her body and I ask Lord you will establish you Kingdom within her. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name. Amen.

  • Dear Lord, please listen to my prayers. I call upon your mercy. Please heal me from any physical and spiritual diseases. I pray you cover me and my family with your precious blood in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  • This is a prayer requests for healing of painful emotions. God has set me free in the past.Through my own fault l got angery unable to resolve the situation. I repent before God with my own regret.But it has triggered the pain of again.

    • Lord, I lift up to you Sallu and ask that the presence of you grace will rest on her and you will bring an ambassador of You who will lead her to healing in the area in her heart and soul that need your touch. In Jesus name, Amen

  • I can’t function in my life. I have severe ocd where i cant control body moments. I have so much stress on my mind everyday. Sleeping is my only escape. I hate living like this

    • Brian thank you for sharing a some of the struggle you have been going through. I can understand the daily stress you are feeling because of the severe OCD can make you feel as you do. You may find this article by Bill Gaultiere helpful “Stress in Your Body” the may give you ways to deal with your daily stress. If you would like further resources please contact us here. Lord, bring your peace to Brian today and lead him to an ambassador of You who You will use to bring peace to his mind, body and soul and show Brian the deep love you have for him.

  • Hi. I was verbally, physically and psychological abused by my family since I was (3yesr- 35). when I see abused creature I cried and feel weak and remember my family beating and assault. how can I pray to forget this. thanks and God bless.

    • Dear Haifa, I’m sad that you went through abuse as a child and those triggered memories are bringing you pain. Continue praying using this prayer and also you may find this article helpful, Healing Prayer for Harmful Images. If you would like further resources please contact us here. Praying the Lord will lead you to an ambassador of Him to bring healing to you.

  • Am dealing with a breakup. my girlfriend broke up with me 1.5 months ago. This has thrown me into some indescribable state.. anxiety, some form of depression etc. I have tried reconciling but she won’t take it. Please guys pray for me and her that she softens her heart.

    • Dear Matt, I am sad that you are going through this and understand the emotions and pain you feeling. If you have not listened to Bill and Kristi’s podcasts they may be beneficial for you as you grieve this loss. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you will minister to Matt’s heart today and the pain of the loss he is feeling. I pray Lord that he will find a place near you to find his rest and peace and you will minister to his heart. In Jesus name. Amen.

  • Thank you for this encouraging words I just lost my brother at age 43 he had a massive heart attack on Dec 11,2016 never came out of hospital but I know God gave him a MIRCLE in heavens a new body. I’m trying to make peace of my inner self only God can heal me.

  • I am a sinner and I am repenting but finding no peace. My Parish Priest led me to healing of memories. I find this helpful.

  • Comment… um getting sick because of my marriage problems and now it seems like no one like i am always with my child only this real kills me

  • Have family member with cancer and HiV very tortured w guilt over past mustakes on antidepressants and high anxiety praying for him every day under a lot of stress also have an elderly suck mother

    • Dear Lord, I pray along with Linda for her family member who has cancer and HIV. I lift them up today to you in prayer and ask that your healing presence will surround them and bring peace to their body and also to their soul and emotions. I pray that you will show them the love you have for them and that you offer grace and forgiveness to all who ask. We lift up to you also Linda’s elderly mother who is ill and pray your peace and love will rest on her today and always. That she will feel your presence and peace and bring your healing into her life. In Jesus name, Amen. Linda, you may want to share one or more of these articles on Healing Prayer and help with Stress and Anxiety. God bless your heart today, Michael Ann

  • I need prayer I had 3 mini strokes cuz of my stress and anxiety I can’t stop thinking of my pass and my marriage is a disaster

    • Dear Naa, I hope that this article your friend shared with you has ministered to you. I’m sad that you are feeling broken and scattered and my prayer is that the Lord will guide you to an ambassador of Him who He will use to bring healing into your life. You may find this article helpful to you, “Good Grief: A Process of Emotional Healing” If you would like further resources, please contact me here. Lifting you up in prayer today. In Jesus name, Michael Ann

  • my childhood was full of molestation, i married my first love, and was pregnant, he came from a background filled with disfunction, rejection and abuse, he had no father role model, and his mom rejected him, we both have been unfaithful to each other, now after 28 years of marriage i confessed my affair which happened in 1997 then continued in 2003, as a believer, he is struggling to forgive me, i have repented, he had 4 affairs, i am willing to forgive him, how do we help him to get past the betrayal. hes struggling with this, shirley

    • Dear Shirley, Thank you for sharing some of your struggle and I pray the Lord will intervene and guide the both of you to an ambassador of Jesus that the Lord will use to bring healing into your lives and into your marriage. You may benefit from Bill Gaultiere’s article “How Can I Improve My Marriage?” Please contact me here if you would like further resources.

  • This is amazing I have some wounds in my heart following my past memories and I seriously need i need inner healing. Be blessed this is just great.

    • Josephine, we are grateful and blessed that you have been ministered to through this article. I pray our Lord will continue to bring his love, grace and freedom into your life. God bless you today! Michael Ann

  • I’m dealing with so many bad memories that led me to drug and alcohol addiction. Please come into my life dear Lord and rescue me from my nightmares.

    • Dear Candy, I am sad that you are dealing with these bad memories. The Lord does want to bring freedom to your life! When I read your comment the article that came to mind that you may find helpful is Healing Prayer for Harmful Images. It includes a Visualization Prayer Exercise to help free you from harmful images. Please get in touch with me here if you would like for me to send you any further resources. Lord, I ask that you will be with Candy today and show her that you are her hope for her future and you can bring peace in her day as well as her night. In Jesus name, Michael Ann

  • Thank you for this, truly I need it. I feel so broken by my current storm I’m going through and I pray that this will be my umbrella through the storm. it hurts so so much I feel numb and I do not want this current situation to pull me away from God but rather pull me closer to Him.

    • Roxy, thank you for sharing your heart and I’m lifting you up in prayer today that our Lord will comfort, hold you close to Him and show you that He is your mighty fortress and strong tower.

    • Dear Chantal, I’m praying for you today for healing from the oppression you are feeling. Lord, I ask that you will bring an ambassador of You that will come alongside of Chantal that you will use to bring peace, comfort and freedom to her heart, spirit and soul.

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