Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with appreciation for God’s grace — aren’t you?

The grace of God isn’t just “unmerited favor” — it’s God acting in our lives with kindness and power.

Praying a Psalm often warms my heart with a fresh realization of God’s generosity and strength at work in my life.

Because of God’s unconditional love we have every reason to be happy right now, no matter what difficulties we might be facing day.

My little Psalms prayer, “How Could it Be?” will help you to look up to the heavens and smile with your soul!

How Could it Be?

Who is like You?

Lord Jesus Christ…

You sit enthroned on high!


How could it be?

Lord Jesus Christ…

You stoop down to make me great!

(Inspired by Psalm 113:5-6; 18:35).

More Soul Shepherding

Smile some more! You’ll appreciate these amazing Bible promises in my short article, “Our Identity in Christ.”

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