Good News of Great Joy!

It’s Christmastime!  Are you celebrating Christ in your heart?  Are you appreciating the incarnate Son of God, the King of kings, in your thoughts?

It’s easy too be distracted with busyness or worries – especially as Christmas approaches.

Advent is a time to slow down and prepare for the coming of Christ to us.  It’s an opportunity to open the eyes of our heart to behold the One who offers himself to us in mercy and grace as a baby in a hay-filled manger… As a Savior on a Cross… As a King riding on the clouds as his chariot… And as the Resurrected Lord right beside us, right now…

Listen to the angels in the Nativity story sing to the shepherds and to the world their “good news of great joy” that Christ the Lord is born in a lowly manger (Luke 2:8-20).  Smile!  Join their songs of praise to Christ!

Let the angels lead you to worship Christ: “Glory to God in the heavens!  Glory to God in the highest heaven and all the way down to the lowest heaven in the air you breathe!  Let  the peace of Christ rule in your heart!  Let the peace of Christ overflow from you to everyone you meet” (Luke 2:14, paraphrase).

Yes, Jesus, you are the Best News!  Knowing you brings me great joy!  Sharing your grace with others brings me even greater joy!  I love you!

Advent Resources

Experience the birth of Christ anew! – Devotionals and Prayer Cards for Advent – Each meditation includes an Advent passage of Scripture, picture, reflection, and Breath Prayer from the Bible.


Further Reading


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