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God Will Come to You

God will come to you

It may not feel like God is really present with you the way you need today. 

Even now in Advent as we celebrate the coming of Christ Jesus in history and in our hearts today it may be harder to feel the joy and peace of his loving presence.

The pandemic’s toll of sickness, canceled events, lost income, and stay at home orders have changed our holiday gatherings and celebrations. For nine months it seems everything has been more difficult in our lives, work, and church — and we’ve got more months to come.

Our friend Alan Fadling of Unhurried Living has written a guide to help us, The Way of Presence. In 60 thought-provoking reflections, he invites us to experience the empowering reality of God-With-Us. These readings are great for Advent or a fresh start in the New Year.

He offered for us to share with you an excerpt from his short book:

God Meets Me Where I Am

By Alan Fadling

“I waited patiently upon the LORD; he stopped to me and heard my cry” (Psalm 40:1).

I love the imagery of the Lord stooping to me. I remember when our three sons were little. I was tall and they were short. That’s how it goes with fathers and little boys. 

Sometimes they would come to me crying about something that had hurt or scared or frustrated them. When they came, I would sometimes stoop or even kneel down to get on eye level with them to love and comfort them. I love that David uses an image like this to describe God’s response to him when he cries out. 

I am down here. He is “up there.” I am a little child and God is a good Father. He meets me where I am. The way of God is fatherly and gracious. Sometimes I imagine that I need to reach up to him and get his attention, as if I must jump to somehow reach him. 

But God reaches down to me. He leans down to meet me where I am. He hears my cries. 

…David says that he has learned to wait patiently for the Lord to come down to him. Little ones aren’t usually good at patient waiting. So David has learned to wait with some maturity and patience. This is an invitation to me. I can learn that when something in my life pressures me or stresses me, I can cry out and patiently wait for God to come to me. 

God comes down to my level. I simply have to learn to be patient in my watching and waiting for him. He will come. He will. 

What have you found yourself watching and waiting for lately? Has it been patient or impatient waiting? 

When have you been in a hard season, crying out to God? How have you experienced God stooping down to meet you there? How would you like him to meet you in it?


Listen to this week’s SoulTalk: Bill sits down with friend and author, Alan Fadling, to discuss Alan’s newest book, The Way of Presence. Bill and Alan share with candor and insight about the tangible, meaningful, and playful ways God comes to us in the midst of our everyday lives.

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