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A Love Letter to Jesus

Just before Valentine’s Day my heart was wonderfully warmed and filled with love for Jesus as I was reading one of my favorite Classics of Christian Devotion, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. I was inspired to compose a Love Letter to Jesus by paraphrasing some of his words on “Familiar Converse with Jesus.”

I share affectionate and enthusiastic love with my wife and family, even my close friends. What about Jesus? He is my True Love!

Many Christians are embarrassed to show enthusiastic and affectionate devotion for Christ. Let’s be bold! “Let your heart for Jesus hang out to bless others,” Ray Ortlund, Sr. told me. “Don’t worry about what people think.”

So I offer my love letter to Jesus for you to read. I do so with a prayer that the Lord Jesus would be your True Love and your Soul Mate today and everyday.

Let My Love Letter to Jesus Warm your Heart for the Lord!

Dear Jesus,

When you are present to me, all is good and nothing seems difficult; but when I forget you, all is hard and empty.

Jesus, your voice to me is the most precious sound in existence. If I don’t hear you speaking inside my soul, all other comfort is worth nothing, but if you speak but one word to me I am greatly comforted. I recall that Mary rose immediately from the place where she wept, when Martha said to her: “The Master is come, and he calls for you” (John 11:28). Yes! What a happy moment it is – no matter how difficult my situation is – when you call for me!

Blessed to Keep Jesus on My Mind

Oh, how foolish I am when I go into any situation without having you on my mind Jesus. What vanity for me to desire anything outside of you. The world without you profits me nothing. To be without you is grievous hell; and to be with you Jesus is sweet Paradise. When you’re with me no enemy can hurt me. To find you is to find the real treasure – the Good above all good – and to become the richest person on earth. But to lose you is to lose more than the whole world and to be left in abject poverty.

Oh, Jesus it is the greatest skill to know how to hold familiar conversation with you! Lord, teach me this skill! Oh, to know how to keep you in my consciousness at all times – this is the greatest wisdom! Please, dear Lord, tune my heart to your presence with me at all times. If only I would be humble and peaceable then Jesus you’ll remain with me. If only I would be devout and quiet then you’ll stay within me.

Jesus is My One Soul Friend!

But I fear that I may soon drive you away Jesus, that I’ll turn to outward things and lose the favor of your presence. If I turn from you and lose you Jesus, where will I go? Who else can I turn to as my friend? Without a friend I cannot live well and Jesus you are above all a Friend to me – my one Soul Friend – and without you beside me I’d be sad and desolate.

You are the One, Jesus, who I trust and rejoice in above all others! I’d rather have the whole world against me than to have you offended with me. Among all those who are dear to me you stand out Jesus. You are the One that I especially love.

Jesus, I love all people for you, but I love you for yourself. You are the Christ, the unique Son of God, and you are, singularly, my Beloved. You are good and faithful above all friends. For you and in you, I let my friends and my foes be dear to me and pray that they would come to know and love you.

I Long to Have a Pure Heart for Jesus!

I don’t desire to be singularly commended or beloved, for that position belongs to you only Jesus – you are God and there is no one like you! Neither do I desire that the heart of any person would be set on me. Nor do I set my heart on the love of anyone. Jesus, my one consuming desire is that you would be in me and in every person who calls on you.

Yes, Lord Jesus, I long to be pure and free within, devoted entirely to you, and not entangled with any creature. Help me to carry my heart pure toward you so that I can be free from all worldliness and can see clearly how good you are. Oh, to be drawn into you by your grace, to see your glory, to attain to that heavenly happiness, to be emptied of all but you, to take leave of all but your kingdom, to be with you alone Jesus and to be made one with you.

Lord Jesus Christ, when your grace comes to me I am made strong and able for all things. But without your grace I am poor and weak and the best I can hope for is your discipline to re-awaken me to seek your face. And when I do need to be disciplined by you please help me not to be discouraged, but to stand with my thoughts fixed on you, enduring whatever hardship comes upon me for your glory.

Jesus, you know that I want always to be in the springtime of enjoying your love, but sometimes I need the winter season. Sovereign Lord, you have ordained the seasons, including those that don’t feel good, and I love you for this too! Help me to remember that after winter comes spring, after night comes day, after the storm comes a great calm. More than that, help me to trust that all seasons are good when I live them with you Jesus.

I love you Jesus! You are the best Friend I could have!


P.S. Thank you Jesus for showing me that God is my loving Abba Father. You’ve enabled me to see the warm smile on the face of God! You have proved the truth of the many “Bible Verses on the Father’s Love.”

(“A Love Letter to Jesus” is Bill Gaultiere’s paraphrase of “Familiar Converse with Jesus” by Thomas a Kempis from page 75 in his classic devotional book, The Imitation of Christ, written in 1486.)

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