A Boston Marathon Kiss!

As I approached mile 13 of the Boston Marathon, I heard an incredible wall of sound. I couldn’t see it because of the trees and the bend in the road. It was the girls from Wellesley College shrieking in high pitched voices, “Kiss me! Kiss me!” As I ran through the 1/4 mile long “Scream Tunnel” I saw thousands of girls lined up and leaning over the fence puckered up. Many held signs saying things like, “Kiss me! I’m French!”

I saw lots of the men in the race pull over for a smooch. Some stopped to get their picture taken as they kissed one of the girls. A woman runner said to me, “There’s your chance. Go over and get your kiss!” I replied, “No thanks. I’m happy with my wife!”

I Got my Kiss!

A few miles later I got my kiss! Kristi had found her way through the mob of spectators to watch for me and with God’s help we were able to see each other — even though she was in the middle of a crowd on the far outside edge of where the road turned. I veered way off course and ran straight into her arms for a hug and kiss!

The greatest blessing of my marriage is that Christ is in the middle of it and that’s what I was thanking God for as I ran by all those screaming college girls. Instead of looking at pretty girls or thinking about getting a kiss from one of them, I kept praying a little abiding prayer I wrote, inspired by Psalm 2:12, “I kiss you, O Christ.”

Intimacy with Jesus is what makes like sweet!

Why I Run with Jesus

I run with Jesus because I like to do everything I do with my Lord and my Soul Friend. Running with Jesus is also a way that I practice my abiding in him like a branch in a grapevine, which is how intimacy with Jesus is referred to in John’s gospel.

Meditation on Scripture helps me to pray and keep my mind on the Lord, even if I’m tired or hurting. This helps me to practice intimacy with Jesus in daily life, which is the only way to bear fruit that lasts (John 15:1-17).

Humbled by Marathon Heat” tells the whole story of my experience running the Boston Marathon with Jesus and enduring record-breaking heat! This article also includes lots of pictures from the race.


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