Walk with Jesus to Bible Statues

An inspirational prayer walk with Jesus awaits you at Christ’s Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral) in Garden Grove, CA.

You can follow Jesus as his disciple on a pilgrimage through his life and ministry by using each of these Bible statues as prayer stations. I led retreat groups to do this a number of times and it’s been encouraging for everyone. People from around the world visit this beautiful campus, but few have thought about the possibility of going beyond taking pictures of the statues and instead to pause to meditate on the Scripture that inspired it. It’s easy to be a tourist but much more valuable to go on a spiritual pilgrimage!

Each Bible statue is a work of art that you can use to help you open your heart to Jesus in prayer as you meditate on its Scripture passage or breathe in and out his words of life to you.

(“Breath Prayers” are in italics and designed for you to repeat a few times as you breathe in the words before the ellipses and breathe out the words after the ellipses.)

Worship the Lord Jesus

1.     Good Shepherd (* Now at Shepherd’s Grove Church ~ In the grassy area pray Psalm 23)

  • Give praise to the Lord who is good to you in every step of your life’s Psalm 23 journey: “The Lord is my Shepherd… I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1)

2.    The Father Embraces his Son (“Coming Home” ~ S of Cathedral ~ Luke 15:11-32)

  • Thank Jesus that he has reconciled you to the Father: “Abba… I belong to you” (based on Romans 8:15; “Abba” is Hebrew for Papa)

3.    The Holy Family (Southwest of Cathedral ~ Matthew 2:13-18)

  • Invite Christ the Lord to be born anew in you: “Christ… lives in me” (Galatians 2:20)

Grow your Faith in Christ

4.    Moses and the Ten Commandments (South of Cathedral ~ Exodus 20:1-21)

  • Pray to be the kind of person who with God’s help obeys the law from your heart: “With love… I fulfill the law of Christ” (based on Galatians 6:2)

5.    Jesus Calms the Storm (“Peace Be Still” ~ S. of Tower of Hope ~ Mark 4:35-41)

  • One-by-one name your worries or fears and let go by trusting Jesus’ words to you: “Peace… Be still” (Mark 4:39)

6.    Jesus and the Children (East of FLC ~ Mark 9:33-37, 10:13-16)

  • Come to Jesus as a little child: “Like a child… I submit to God’s Kingdom” (Based on Mark 10:15)

7.    Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman (N of Memorial Gardens ~ John 8:1-11)

  • One-by-one confess specific sins you’re struggling with to Christ and rely on his mercy to you: “Jesus… Does not condemn me” (Based on John 8:11)

8.    Job (East of Memorial Gardens ~ Book of Job)

  • Cry out to the Lord about a hurt: “My Intercessor… Is my Friend” (Job 16:20)

9.   Christ in Crystal (Base of “Crean Tower” Prayer Spire ~ Mark 11:17)

  • Consider a trial you’re in and submit yourself to God’s work of molding you into the image of Christ: “O Christ… be formed in me” (Based on Galatians 4:19)

Serve Others in Jesus’ Name

10.  The Smiling Jesus (Northwest of Cathedral ~ John 6:1-13)

  • One-by-one offer to the Lord each of your talents and dreams: “Jesus… I give you my loaves of ________ to multiply” (Based on John 6:11)

11.   Shepherd Finds the Lost Sheep (“Lost is Found” ~ W of Cathedral ~ Luke 15:1-7)

  • Intercede for each person God puts on your heart who needs to be found by Jesus: “May (name) hear the Shepherd… and follow him” (Based on John 10:3-4)

12.  The Resurrected Christ (Chapel of the Sky in Tower 13 ~ Mark 16:1-8)

  • One-by-one submit to the Lord your relationships and ministry opportunities: “Christ is risen… He is going ahead of me into ________” (Mark 16:6-7).


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