The Lord Treasures You!

Psalm 135:4 says: “The LORD has chosen Jacob to be his own, Israel to be his treasured possession.”

That’s what it means to have the Lord as our Good Shepherd!

Let’s apply this great promise to our lives. Let’s pause to ponder, paraphrase, and pray this verse. Let’s take the words of the Lord deeper into our hearts.

Be Captivated by the Lord

Today I found myself captivated by a little prayer that emerged from this verse. I prayed it over and over throughout the day. I invite you to pause with me now to ponder, paraphrase, and pray. Open your heart to be stirred to appreciate God’s goodness to you!

The Father treasures me as his child;
Christ chooses me as his disciple;
The Holy Spirit lives in me as his temple.

I belong to the Father, Son, and Spirit!
I praise the Lord God Almighty!
I will serve in His kingdom now and forever!

How does this come from Psalm 135:4? Paul teaches that you and I are children of Abraham and heirs of God’s promises through our trust in Christ (Romans 9:8, Galatians 3:7). And the New Testament teaches that the LORD loves me and you as Father, Son, and Spirit. This LORD chooses and treasures you personally!

Let Your Heart be Moved

O, my friends, is your heart moved to rejoice in the Lord?

The Lord God Almighty, the Creator, the One who spread the stars in the galaxies and calls each one by name, is your Abba Father who treasures you as his own child!

Jesus Christ, the Lord who walked on water and calmed storms, the Son of God who raised the dead, the healer of the sick, the Good Shepherd who cares for the little lambs, the Teacher who is the smartest person to ever live, the Holy One at the right hand of the Father chooses you to be his apprentice!

The Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, the presence and power of God, the Intercessor for you and all of God’s people, the Spirit of Christ and the gift of the Father, lives in your body as his temple!

You don’t belong to the world, to the devil, or to any person — you belong to the Lord God Almighty and he delights in you! The opportunity of your lifetime is to serve the Lord in his kingdom as you do whatever you are doing — now and forever!

That is GOOD NEWS! That is worth organizing your whole life around. That is worth becoming the basis of your identity.

Pray more Psalms with me.

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