Believing that God Heals

When joining with the Spirit of Jesus to minister healing, it’s important to give yourself permission to be a learner. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin” (Zechariah 4:10). In all matters of faith, we learn by doing, by putting into practice what we learn from the…

False Beliefs That Prevent Healing

To some people, “faith” in God is right doctrine or action. But actually faith is relational — it’s trusting God. As we keep seeking God with our heart, our beliefs and behavior come along. To strengthen our faith means we are developing greater trust and confidence in Holy Spirit’s presence with us and his power…

182 – Healing Prayer: The Courage to Pray for Healing

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks: God is still a healer today! Bill and Kristi talk about their new book, Healing Prayer: For Emotional & Physical Wholeness.  Healing can sometimes be a controversial topic. Join in as they discuss the hesitancies and fears we can have going into praying for healing and how God…

Feeling Inadequate at Prayer

Have you ever found yourself feeling that you are falling short in your prayer life? It’s so easy to end up in a place of self-condemnation and discouragement. Bill & Kristi lead us to discover the beauty of surrendering to the Lord in prayer, allowing him to be our shepherd, and leaning into our dependance on Him.

Rest: Pray & Play With Jesus

Like many Christians today, Jesus’ disciples didn’t understand his playfulness at first. They were shooing away the children because they thought Jesus was too busy for them, but the Lord rebuked his stuffy friends! The way we perceive and experience God has a direct impact on our ability to rest and enjoy God’s presence. Join Bill & Kristi as they look at Jesus the joy giver and his intimate connection with his Daddy… free of burden, free of anticipation, full of joy! Jesus is inviting us to play!