False Beliefs That Prevent Healing

To some people, “faith” in God is right doctrine or action. But actually faith is relational — it’s trusting God.

As we keep seeking God with our heart, our beliefs and behavior come along. To strengthen our faith means we are developing greater trust and confidence in Holy Spirit’s presence with us and his power to assist us in all the good things we might do.


Genuine Faith

There are a number of misconceptions connected to healing we need to clear up in order to appreciate and join in with the Spirit of Jesus’ ministry of healing. Generally, these concern the nature of faith in God.

To pray for healing with faith is to put our confidence in God—not in healing or in faith, but in God. It’s critical when we pray for healing to not put faith in our prayers or in the healing happening, but in God who is always loving and kind and true. Unhealthy faith shows up in a variety of distorted, unbiblical views on divine healing that block our prayers and the supernatural ministry of Holy Spirit.

Mistaken Beliefs About Healing

To get started in the ministry of healing prayer, we need to clear away these mistaken beliefs:

“Just Accept God’s Will”

This perspective imagines the Lord to be a marionette master and we are his puppets. God is just going to do whatever he’s going to do so why pray at all?

“Sickness is a Cross to Carry”

When we’re suffering, whether it’s the flu, infertility, divorce, depression, cancer, or whatever, we may think, “This is my cross to bear.”

“Healing is a Formula”

Some believe, “If I believe right or say the right prayer or proclaim the right Bible promise or confess all my sins, then God has to answer my prayer for healing.”

“God Did Not Heal You Because You Lack Faith”

The corollary to the formula approach to healing is that if we pray and God doesn’t heal, it always means a lack of faith.

“Spiritual Gifts Are Weird”

There’s a great need today to demystify the gifts of the Spirit. They are indeed from another world, but they are not weird.

“Spiritual Gifts Are No Big Deal”

The supernatural explosions and extensions of natural human abilities and powers are not to be taken lightly.

“Healing Nullifies the Need of Modern Medicine”

This view is greatly mistaken and, as we often see in our world, it leads to needless suffering and premature death.

Our New Book on Healing Prayer

Do any of these misconceptions hit close to home? In our new book Healing Prayer: For Emotional & Physical Wholeness we unpack each of these misconceptions and demonstrate the powerful reality that Jesus is inviting us into deeper relationship and trust. What a precious gift! As we respond to Jesus’ invitation we are transformed, our faith is deepened and we see his kingdom here on earth!

This blog was adapted from Bill & Kristi’s new book Healing Prayer: For Emotional & Physical Wholeness.



Listen to SoulTalk Healing Prayer: Unblock Your Prayers for Healing

It’s easy for us to get a mistaken idea about God when we are hurting or sick, projecting our pain onto him. Join Bill and Kristi as they talk about the different mistaken beliefs that can block the healing power of God and the mercy and grace he wants to give us.

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