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121 – When You Don’t Feel God’s Love Anymore

Have you ever felt separated from God’s love? All of us will experience seasons when we feel distant from God…when it feels as though his presence is far from us. In this episode of Soul Talks, Bill & Kristi share the story of Darren. A pastor who Bill had the privilege of walking with as he navigated such a season. Listen to Darren’s story and the hope and freedom he encountered.

Chasing After God

On our Sabbatical one of the things that Kristi and I prayed about was our longing for God. What we desire will ultimately tell the story of our life. When we visited the Big Sur Hermitage, a Christian monastery, I read a note from Brother Cassian that got my attention. He said that the reason…

Live from the Center: Old Wisdom from Thomas Kelly for Today

Our lives today are cluttered and crowded. The list of responsibilities that we feel we must accomplish grows overnight like Jack’s beanstalk! We keep taking on more and more until before we know it we are bowed down with burdens, panting through a never-ending program of projects to complete, people to meet, and places to…

The Art of Longing for God

Longing for God is the breath of the soul. If we sense God’s goodness and beauty then we will long for more of him and draw closer. We can cultivate our appreciation of God through stories and art that depict his love. We meditated on Psalm 63:1 and paintings of Jesus.

Transforming the Soul

We who are part of the ministry of Soul Shepherding love the soul! Our focus is to minster to the souls of pastors, leaders, and other servants of the Lord. So it’s very important to us to understand our souls and yours so that we can nurture them under God. “Transforming the Soul” is an updated version of…