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149 – Come: Jesus is Playful with You

Can God be fun? Is Jesus really playful? Yes! Jesus takes great joy in us enjoying his creation and in us delighting in one another. Listen to Bill and Kristi share on Jesus’ playful interaction with his disciples and others as they take us through the Gospels with a fresh perspective.
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130 – Emotions: Befriending Our Emotions

When Jesus says, “Come to me” he’s inviting us bring our emotions to him. That’s where apprenticeship to Jesus starts because we live in our emotions, whether we feel them consciously or not. Listen to Bill and Kristi unpack more on Jesus’ heart to shepherd our emotions.
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Are you feeling stuck in your faith walk? The healthy Christian life is one of continuing spiritual, emotional, and relational growth, but sometimes we feel stuck or stagnated at one stage of the journey.

Get unstuck and identify the next steps you need to take to grow emotionally and spiritually—no matter where you are or how long you’ve been following Jesus.