I Desperately Want Communion With God!

This is the cry of “J. P.’s” heart. We share his story of not feeling God’s presence, struggling with depression and alcohol, being judged. His earnest faith, spiritual disciplines, and service in church aren’t helping. He asks, “Bill and Kristi, what would you say to me?” If you or someone you know relates to J. P., tune in for empathy, affirmation, and spiritual formation coaching.

When You’re Stuck in Your Head

Like some ministry leaders today Nicodemus was stuck in his head and emotionally reluctant. Jesus offers masterful empathy to help him re-think — and re-feel! — his life to be “born from above” in the Kingdom of God. Here’s an insightful Bible study on John 3:1-17 put into the format of a refreshing empathy-based conversation.

Sweet Nectar For Your Soul (Praying the Lord’s Prayer with Jeanne Guyon)

Let’s admit it. At times we all feel like prayer is a duty. We know we should pray more than we do, but sometimes it feels like a chore that wearies us. But prayer can be drinking in an unceasing flow of divine life!  Madame Jeanne Guyon says this is true in seasons of consolation…

A. W. Tozer’s Introduction to “The Christian Book of Mystical Verse”

I’m often asked by pastors and others what I think about “mysticism.” Usually someone in their church has encountered this and has expressed concern that it is not Biblical. I know pastors in conservative Bible churches who have been harshly criticized, even run out of their pulpit, for encouraging “contemplative prayer” or the reading of “spiritual…