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Adrenaline For Your Soul

How can you be energized and enthused? What helps you to enjoy God’s presence in your life and as you serve the Lord in your work or ministry?

At times we all find ourselves flagging in our faith. We need to go back to the Gospel of Jesus to appreciate the story of his life, death, and resurrection and find ourselves in his story. “That will shoot adrenaline into your soul!” (Hebrews 12:3, MSG)

That’s why I love to read the Gospel stories that begin the New Testament! It’s the greatest and most exciting story! It only takes one hour and twenty minutes to read Mark (or listen to it on an audio Bible). I’ve done this many times.

Recently I listened to Mark on a prayer walk. I appreciated a number of feeling-thoughts that were like shots of adrenaline for my soul! I jotted these down as prayers in the Notes app on my phone as I listened.

I hope that you’ll be as juiced by these insights as I’ve been!

Adrenaline Shots For Your Soul From Mark’s Gospel

Jesus, I want to know your secrets! Like how you told Peter what you saw at your baptism and what you experienced in your wilderness fast (1:9-13).

Whenever Jesus feels close it’s time for me to celebrate! Whenever Jesus feels far away it’s time for me to do a fast (2:18-22).

The world is very crowded. To engage with Jesus I need to press in closer. I need to keep my eyes on him and make room in my heart-home (3:7-8).

We need to ask Jesus more questions — that’s the key to hearing more of God’s words and having more of God’s kingdom (4:10, 22-25).

The best way for me to touch Jesus is to realize that I’m so desperate for God that I don’t care what people think about me (5:24-34).

To stay close to God we need to “come away” with Jesus to a private place and be patient and kind with hungry people who interrupt us (6:31-44).

Good traditions are spoiled if they don’t help us obey God’s law of love (7:8-13).

When we know Jesus’ Abba we are free to be spontaneous, fun-loving, affectionate, and excitable, like the children who ran into Jesus’ arms (10:13-16).

Often I don’t like religious people who judge others, but if I’m with Jesus then I’ll look them in eye and love them (10:21).

To grow, we need to know the Scriptures and the power of God (12:24).

Lord, in my giving and service, help me to use your “Kingdom of God Math” by not focusing on the little I’m doing but on the BIG work you’re doing alongside me (12:41-44).

Jesus’ “cry of abandonment” at the cross has a sweet rhyme in Aramaic because it’s a love song to his Abba who is holding him (15:34).

I pray that this will be the epitaph of my life: “The Lord Jesus worked with Bill and confirmed his word by God’s signs that accompanied it” (16:20).


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